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Parkrun in 26:02 - A frustrating week due to tight calves

Hi all

Before talking about today's Parkrun here is an update on my Half Marathon training. Since last Sundays 10km in just under 50 minutes I have had very tight calves. I ran a slow 5km on Tuesday (30 minutes), it had to be slow because whenever I tried speeding up my legs ached. On Thursday I was meant to do another 10km in about 50 minutes but my calves were still tight so I wasn't sure how it would go. I ran the first 3km in just over 15 minutes but it was a struggle and my calves were getting tighter so I decided to run home and make it a 5km. The last 2km were a real struggle even though I slowed down a lot. To make it worse it started to pee it down and I got soaked to the skin, so for once the movies got it right and the weather reflected my mood! I finished the 5km in 27mins.

I've been stretching on the days since and decided to run today's Parkrun but to take it easy. I wanted to run the first km in about 5mins but my calves were tight so I slowed down until I completely warmed up and then increased the pace slightly and maintained it. My calves were slightly uncomfortable but not painful. When I got to the finishing straight I increased my pace for a fast finish and overtook a few people and got the heart pumping a bit finishing in just over 26 mins. I made sure I warmed down and stretched properly.

I have also ordered a foam roller and will be using that regularly when it arrives. I will also examine my half marathon training plan and may have to reduce it from 4 runs a week down to 3 runs, but I haven't decided yet. If I have to miss many runs then I'll also have to readjust my aim of a 1 hr 45 min half marathon.

Enjoy your running all and I'll let you all know how I get on.

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Look after yourself Aftabs - it looks like you are. I've got a foam roller and use it from time to time. Definitely worth having. I'm sure your calves will settle down themselves eventually so take it steady. 26'02 is a fab parkrun time. And for you THAT'S SLOWWWWWW!! Hahaha!


Thanks Dan! I'm planning on taking a few days off running to recover and will use the foam roller when it comes.


Having a calf injury myself that's put me out of action for over a week now, do you suggest keeping on running to loosen it? I thought it should be complete rest.... not sure what to do now.. Confused, from Tooting.


I don't have a strain or a pull which is why I have kept running g but within myself. But I will be resting for a few days now in the hope that with stretching I'll be better.

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Ah, ok, thanks and good luck!


Sounds like you are pushing yourself alot....even bionic men need a rest!!! Your parkrun time is AMAZING...I can only ever dream of those sorts of times ( but I am determind to get there...). Take care Aftabs...


Thanks and I will be resting for a few days now. I've got the foam roller now and will let you all know if that helps.


Hi Aftabs. Don't overdo it. Ahead of Plymouth I got into trouble with shin splints and ended up down to three days a week with reduced km per week. The early wasn't too bad at 1h53m and may not have been much better with the extra. The dangers over training! The stretching is the answer along with rest until you feel right again. Good luck with the plan. (I find it hard not to race a Parkrun so avoid them if I'm feeling even slightly tight in my legs). James


Hi James. Yes I'll be taking it easy now and if that means I have to readjust my expectations for the HM so be it. I think sometimes I get too focused on what targets I have set myself! Regarding the ParkRuns I am 3rd in the annual points table for Barking and want to keep that position! The year finishes at the end of July and I can't run in July because I will be fasting in the month of Ramadan. So I'm trying to build up a points lead to give me a 3 weeks buffer!


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