So here goes nothing

After throwing all my dummies and toys out the pram because I was unable to sign up for a race online - we sat down and managed to do after several attempts :-) ( also managed to get arctic monkey tickets and bargain sports bras)

So all signed up to do a 10km race in santiago on 28th of September. Have tried the B210k podcast but I just can't hear Sami. So I have listened to the start of the podcasts to get the outline of the runs and just going use the old garmin.

So far I have done 3 40minute runs. Today's run was like torture, yesterday my knees and calf have been aching, nothing major but still enough for me to notice. So did lots of stretching but knew I needed to do my third 40minutes of running today. Starting off and I could really feel it was not right, so stopped and thought about going back home but decided to carry on but do 10minutes of running 1-2minutes of walking. First 10minutes not too bad, felt like a really long time. Then during the third I had to stop after 6minutes for traffic lights and my path blocked by the workers digging up the plants. At a couple of points my knee just felt like it wanted to give way but I was determined to get it done so carried on. Did 40mins of running with 6minutes of walking and covered 6.5km. Pace was all over the place today. So going to have a day rest, cycle Sunday and a day rest. On Tuesday going to 40mins of running again.

Also other half has also joined me with this running business and has just finished week5 today. So he will be doing 5km on race day. So here goes nothing....


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  • I loved doing the Sami podcasts but they are hard so be careful! I love the music!

  • Oh yes I have realised they are tricky, unfortunately me and Sami have not got along very well.

  • Oh yes I have realised they are tricky, unfortunately me and Sami have not got along very well.

  • Thank you for the heads up. I didn't realise that they were going to be this tough, I thought it was just going to be like Laura meaning doable. Your right I think my body is protesting and I think I was happier taking each run as it came rather than thinking I must do 40mintues today and I must get to 6.3km. I think I might need to try something different next week but I think I will be starting the week with 30minutes and no more.

  • Please please please look after your knees. (Ooo little rhyme there!) Do loads of quad strengthening exercises, then do some more. What ever you do, don't run if your knees hurt because it's so very easy to damage them and so very hard to get them back to normal. Take care Vixchile, you don't want to end up on the injury couch swapping knee pain stories with me! :(

  • Oh I don't want to damage them, you only get one set of everything in life so I do want to take care. Some times I push on because I think I just being a baby but I feel that they are under stress so time to rest and ease back. I shall have a look at the quad strengthening excerises today - thanks for the hint :) anything that will help will be good. So I will take your advice I will be upset if I miss the race because of all the effort needed just to apply. Going to have a look at a gym today so maybe I will also be able to do some swimming. Take care of yourself too and thank you you always have have very kind and supportive words.

  • Well done for persevering with all things online in Spanish!

    I'd second the cautionary notes about the podcasts. I didn't use them, but did the same system (I put the times for walking and running into endomondo as low and medium intensity and it then beeped at me to tell me when to change from one to the other - I could then listen to what I wanted and didn't have to worry about not being able to hear the instructions).

    Anyway, I do think this system of getting to 10k pushes you really hard, and increases your risk of injury - not to mention being quite demanding time-wise. You've got time to get to 10k by doing a 10% increase in distance/time for one "long" run a week (which should be at an "easy" pace where you could talk in sentences) and do one "easy" half hour run plus one with intervals or the speed podcast.

    Ultimately it's your choice how you go about your training, so whatever you choose I hope you find it enjoyable and stay injury free :)

  • Thank you, the banking situation here is so different it has caused a few issues but we are getting there.

    Yeah I think doing the podcasts three times a week. 10% increases are the way forward from no on, going to do time and see where I get to in hour. Then will work on getting to 10km after that. I think one run will just be 30mintues and I will have a little think and experiment around with the thirds run, maybe hill running or the speed podcast like you say.

    Thank you for your advice and warning about the b210k podcasts.

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