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Sometimes rest is all you need

I just really struggled last week with running, was determined to do 10km after four days rest. Went for a 20mile (flat) cycle ride yesterday. Woke up today to a lovely sunny day in santiago, today's temperature will reach 26 degrees, so dug out my running shorts and vest. I struggled 3 km in and wanted to stop, 5km was hard but managed to do 10km in 1hour and 7 minutes so pleased with that. Need to do a 7km and 5 km some time this week then shorter runs of 6km and 5km before the 10km race on 28th September.

I wanted to sign up for another 10km in November and December so that I have a 10km race each month until the new year but I might see how my race in September and October go first.

Off to Brazil tomorrow fingers crossed the weather cheers up a lot.

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Hey well done Vix, there's nothing wrong with that time or that distance. Your rest must have done you the power of good. :) Have a fab holiday :)


Yeah did it, maybe shouldn't have the double cheeseburger from uncle fletch on Saturday or the ice-cream on Sunday but I managed to carry my lump of lard around for 10km :)


Are you running to Brazil? It's probably longer than 10K but I've never been very good on geography.

Seriously - have a great trip and well done getting your head back into it - after all 4 days is not so much a rest as a focusing exercise :)


I like that focussing exercise ! No not running to Brazil lol! I think getting through the Andes would kill me. I don't do hills!


Lol :) Andes? - they'll be in Scotland then!


Fantastic Vixchile! A 10k race each month? I'm seriously impressed.


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