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Where to start after a short pause?

Hello dear community,

After having some pain for almost a week I had taken a short pause from the programme. My running week consists of Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Last Thursday I've done Week 2 Run 3. Last Sunday and this morning I was supposed to do Week 3 Run 1 and 2 respectively, but my ankles and knees didn't feel good enough to go running, so I decided to rest some more. Now I'm not feeling confident I can just start week 3 like that, so what would be a good course for me to take? Repeat week 2 run 3 on Thursday? Or rest on Thursday and just do run 1 of week 3 next Sunday? Or perhaps start week 2 all over again next Sunday?

Some advice would be much appreciated!



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I wouldn't worry so much - the increased fitness you've got up to now won't disappear quickly. My suggestion would be to carry on where you've left off.

Good luck!



Start where you left off Week 3 run1. Think of them as sessions not weeks.

Take it slowly and you will be fine. As far as your ankles and knees hurting, are your running shoes ok. You might like to think about going to a local good running shop for gait analysis in case you need more support. Sometimes knee pain is caused by overpronation.

Could be you were just tired and dehydrated but keep an eye on pains.

Good luck with Week3. :)


Agree with those above - start where you left off and check your shoes. If you find it a struggle slow down a bit for your runs.


Just to be contrary, I'd repeat W2R3 and see how you feel. First run back is always a bit of finding your feet again (although if you don't know where your feet are, literally, best not to run at all), and its better to do it with a distance you are comfortable with, rather than stepping up. If it goes smoothly, then power on and get into W3. If its a struggle, repeat W2 and then move on. For the sake of an extra couple of days, I'd err on the side of playing safe.


I agree with other advice, start where you left off and see how you feel. Your body will soon tell you.

Have faith in yourself, and as ever, slow and really steady! :)


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