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Week 4 completed!

Just done my second time around for week 4 and now have a target to aim for :)

As I use the awesome Runtastic app. after starting week 3 I realised I was already getting close to hitting the 5k mark, I did my longest run of 4.77 km. I decided to keep walking until I hit the 5k and see what time I did it in and managed it in 40 mins and 1 second, so I then had a new goal.

In my last run, I got it down to 38 mine 37 seconds and the knowledge that I'd shaved it down felt great! :D

I know it's not about speed and I'm not trying to cut it down a huge amount each time but the fact that I'm slowly cutting the time down is a great motivator for me and I love it!

Hopefully, as I move up to longer runs, I will be shortening my times further, so wish my luck! :D

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don't get to caught up in the stats to much, yes they are a guideline but in reality all you need to do is to complete the timed runs no matter how far or fast you run ...


Well done on completing week 4. It's always good to have something that motivates you though don't get too hung up on your times ;)

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I'm not too hung up on the times, honestly. It's just nice to have a target that I can look at at see some progress. :)


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