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Completed week 4

I just did week4 run 3 and felt so good I carried on running for another minute or so at the end. However now , 4 hours later my knee hurts so much that I wonder if I over did it. It did not hurt when I was running so not sure why it is now. Let's hope it calms down in time for my next run planned for Friday which is the start of week 5 ( scary!!).

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My knee has been aching at times after runs and I have been rubbing arnica cream into it after my shower. It seems to be really helpful, definitely feels better.


I have had a dodgy knee for years and was worried about further problems but I have been using a knee band with magnets for the last few runs and my knee is better than normal. Brilliant thing, cost less than a fiver from amazon.


That's brilliant that you feel so good you can keep going!! Well done! I'm usually well and truly done by the time Laura says to slow down :)

Be careful with your knee. It could just be that it's had a bit of a jolt or is feeling over-used. I find ice packs helpful when I get an ache.

But listen to your body. You want it to feel better before running again.


I often get stiff knees after running - but then I had them before I started running at all! They usually don't bother me while I'm running, but creak loudly the next day. And one is definitely worse than the other (I twisted it skiing years ago). I now spend ages doing quad stretches after each run which really seems to help.


dont run on it again until it feels back to normal. if you can walk up & down stairs without any screams from your knee & its ok during normal walking then go for it. I didnt take this advice & ran with a sore knee & made it worse, having to take a month off. listen to your knee & youll know whether to run or have another day/couple of days recovery rest.

well done on completing week 4 :)


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