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Feeling Happy

I should have been doing Wk5 R3 today like several others who I have seen posting their success, so I am a little disappointed not to be doing the same.

Thursday was my Wk5 R2. When I got to the gym all the treadmills were full (this has never happened before) so I was a bit lost. You can't really just stand and watch people it would be a bit weird and there is nowhere to sit. So I just popped onto the crosstrainer while I was waiting which in the end was ten mintes.

Although the first 8 min run went ok the second one was not so good I needed to slow to a walk for a minute in the middle of it as my legs were close to collapse and no amount of willpower was going to carry me through. So crosstrainer before was definitely not a good idea.

So today I went back to try it again and what a difference!

First fun was as ever uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes but then easy to the extent that I was running it faster than I have before (still slowish) and when Laura told me there was only 60 seconds left I upped the speed. I almost didn't want to walk for 5 minutes it seemed too long. The second 8 min run was just like the first one no harder at all and again I was able to speed up for the last minute and SMILE.

Looking forward to Monday with ony a little trepidation now, Wk5 R3 how hard can it be :)

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I misspelled run as fun - perhaps it was :)


well done :) no 2 runs will probably feel the same and we all have off days and bad runs .. the main thing is you did it that shows determination :)

as for the wek5 run3 ,it is just another run :D slow and steady , break it down and it is 4 x 5 minute runs :D ,don't worry you will do it :D


I used a treadmill for the first week and then tried the local park. Surprisingly, no one even seemed to notice me hauling my old body round the grass and so ever since, I have avoided my treadmill altogether. I have been able to find a playing field with a small hill but mostly flat and a couple of tracks through a wooded area. Finding the run much more stimulating and there are lots of distractions - man with dog, tree roots, bird of prey, footballers practicing, so the time goes quickly especially on the longer runs.

It takes a little getting used to running on slightly uneven ground but feels more exciting too.

Week 5, day 3 is definitely achievable for you. I rested well the day before and stuck to a slow, steady lace, focussing on good breathing. The barrier is mostly in our minds. When my calf muscles grew sore, I focused on relaxing them and the pain went away. Once you have done a non stop 20 minute run, nothing should stop you from 25,28 and then 30 too.

If I did it, you will, let us know, we are all rooting for you

Julie 😀


Thank you, I am certainly going to try. I started outside until week 3 where I had knee problems and had to take two weeks off. Since then I am in the gym as it is easier on my knees than the hilly and uneven pavements around here. I am hoping as my legs get stronger (and I get lighter) my knees will improve and be up to running outside again.

I have already lost a stone in weight so hopefully not too long until I can look at something more interesting while I run. :)


By accident, the crosstrainer is probably a different kind of good idea to sticking with the programme. You certainly got some exercise, didn't you? Some of the muscles you needed just weren't ready, that's all, so now you've got some feel for the challenges you'll have to ready for yourself once you start applying the fitness running has given you to other things that are going to become possible when you succeed with this.

I don't much like treadmills any more, but I suppose if one is having joints issues they do have the virtue of being nice and stable. Hadn't thought of it that way. I hope you don't have to wait too long before you can get out there and enjoy better runs, though.

Good for you for your no-fuss recovery from the setback, and well done with your progress so far.


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