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Goodbye Week 8

Done and dusted! Another muggy evening today! On to THE LAST WEEK?! next week!

That annoying moment when you step out the door for a run and you realise your iPhone has inexplicably deleted the Week 8 podcast for no apparent reason. I had to use the Week 7 podcast and then run for an extra 3, bit of an anti-climax to the week but never mind.

And I've lost my running belt somewhere in packing boxes so have had to resort to tucking into my trousers/holding my phone. I hope it turns up, it's the first proper casualty of packing it seems!

The only thing that's bothering me is that the running is eating up my evenings somewhat. But that wasn't bothering me before so I think it's just the time being spent on the house move, coupled with time I want to spend with my partner/new-housemate, meaning free time is ebbing away!

Already starting to feel like I might have to cut down to 2 runs a week once I've graduated but I don't feel very positive about wanting to do that.

Obviously the other option is running in the mornings but I have a long commute and I just don't think I'd survive or enjoy it nearly as much!

Happy running everyone :) I haven't had too much time to read everyone else's posts this week but I hope everyone is going ok.

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Not long to go now! You will figure it out as far as a work/home/run life balance goes, you've done really well to carry on even with things being so hectic for you.

Well done xx


Thank you! You're right, I certainly want to keep running so I WILL find a balance! :) xx


You could always convert your partner into your running partner. :)

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Unfortunately he does run but he's the opposite, he likes running in the mornings! Maybe we should alternate!


You're doing really well. How about Friday night and Sunday then a flexible day in the week? You've just got to find what works for you. :)


Thank you, that's a great idea actually, I think I'll try it after I graduate! I like the thought of bookending the weekend with 2 runs! Going to try my hardest to keep up with 3 runs/week!


I have a long commute and run in the mornings, it's a good way to start the day; and getting up half an hour or so earlier isn't that much of a struggle. Give it a go, you might like it!


I have tried it before but you're right, I will try it again at some point! Thanks, have a feeling it's just not for me though...


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