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Week 8 DONE :-)

I finished week 8

My first run in my new home for the summer

I've found this week really difficult, I'm not sure if I'm hitting 'the wall' or if it was the cold, or the fact that I've just moved - possibly it was a combination of all of those things but this week I have felt that the only thing keeping me going was sheer mental determination.

But week 8 finished, can't believe I've got this far, in my head I think I only started this as away to lose weight and I don't think I have really but I do think I've lost inches or shrunk, I'm looking 'leaner' apparently according to a friend of mine. I don't appear to b any fitter than I was, but I know I must be because there is no way I could've done what I'm doing now a year ago (in fact I know because I've tried taking up running before and always ended after like 2 or 3 tries. I also know I'm not the fastest and I don't run the furthest but I'm running and that ladies and gentlemen of the forum is my success story so hopefully by the end of the next week there will be a HUGE party celebrating this runners graduation :-)

And I don't think I'd still be standing (and enthusiastic and enjoying it all) without the support from everyone on here, thankyou all so much

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Well done on completing w8. You have achived so much already and the finishing line is within touching distance :) Good luck and looking forward to reading all about your graduation run :)


There are times, for all of us, when the only thing that is keeping us going is sheer bloody mindedness. That's great, you stuck with it and won through. When your body becomes more used to running for these times and distances, you will be able to relax and enjoy the whole thing so much more.

You are nearly there.

keep running, keep smiling.


Oh well done. Sometimes, when there's so much going on, our head is in a different gear and we are focused on other things. There are sometimes too many distractions. Perhaps just take a few days break before embarking on your graduation week so you can give it your all and finish strong and on a high?

Wishing you all the best xxx


Well done, that determination won through :) Good luck with your last week, I do envy you the cold though, it is hot, sticky and humid here. I have 2 more runs to graduation and am preying for rain for tomorrow morning. Let us know how your last runs go.


Keep going peeps!!!!!! Just go steady, no need for speed. Slow and steady gets you to Graduation. It's so close it's palpable

Ooooerrrrrrrrrrrr. Exciting times.


congrats on your new home and well done, you are on the home run now.... hang in there :)


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