Park run

Well I did my first park run this morning since my injury last year , then I only managed one before disaster struck . Anyway it wasn't one of my best running experiences. Didn't feel like it because went to Indian last night had cobra beers curry etc , started throwing it down as soon as I got out the door . Got to park drenched , all mostly fit young men & about half a dozen fit young women , who all left me behind from the start , lol . Then battery on my I pod packed in so run naked ( first time ) & then realised I'd not started timer on garmin ! . I'll get my time later so will let you all know . When I had only been running a few mins I felt really sick & was very close to stopping but I carried on & it went away thank goodness . I came in last & most of them had gone , but hey I did it ! Onwards & upwards


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19 Replies

  • Thanks kitty kat , we have a akbars close by , but to be honest the curry was a bit salty for my liking . Hope your ok ?

  • The best part of your tale is that you did it! Yea you! Just think what you can do when things are going your way. I'm getting my nerve up to do a park run, so will keep this in mind (and skip the beer and curry, haha)

  • Thanks nrg girl , I've never been as close to packing in on a run

  • Well done for doing it and on such a horrid day! Things are bound to feel better next time.

  • Thanks ullyrunner , I've certainly had better runs

  • Well done Rockette on the Park Run. I'm hoping to do my first PR soon.

  • Thanks running66 can't wait to see what my time was . .

  • Well done Rockette. I did my first Park Run since before Christmas today and the results are just in and I got a PB (nor too exciting as this was only me third Park Run ever). But it was quite interesting as instead of running non-stop I did 5 minute run/ 1 minute walk for the first time and I definitely felt stronger at the end this time and when I WAS running was able to keep up a faster pace. Did you take walk breaks or keep going?

  • I kept going , but I noticed the lass in front of me kept taking walk breaks .

  • Oh sorry turnturtle , forgot to say well done on your personal best .

  • Thanks Rockette! I actually had twelve people behind me when I finished today but there were over 200 in front of me! However I came first in my age group (possibly because I was the only one in it?)

  • Ha ha I did too , & my age grade score was 50.28% look at my previous post , Markd explains it & has provided a link

  • Well done rockette, and double ooooooooooohs for being fastest in your age range!

  • Well done ! Sounds like a small parkrun there then? The local one here is getting towards 400 people most weeks I think now... (not that I've gone to one yet)

  • Yes 34 park runners & I was 34th , I was last before as well lol

  • 34 people?! Blimey - that sounds perfect to me! Even though I'm looking forward to eventually being able (well, hopefully...) to do the local one, the thought of being with 400 people I don't know kind of freaks me out.

  • Yes I'll be the same when I take part in the race for life

  • Perhaps the thought to cling to is that you were running with fit young men ;)

  • Ha ha I did

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