Park Run Yay!!!!!!

I did it !!!!!!! I ran for 5km without stopping or walking - I am chuffed to bits πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

I haven't got the official time yet but Mapmyrun says I did it in 39.42 which I'm pleased with. Expecting official time to be slower though. Don't care because I DID IT!!!!

Everyone was really encouraging & I was clapped by marshalls on the way round which was nice to see & spurred me on. I was clapped over the finish which was a great feeling!

Would really recommend park run to those who have 5km in their sights.

Great feeling πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Thanks so much for all your encouragement & support. This forum is ace!!!

Thinking of signing up for a 10k in September now!!!!!!!


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  • well done, awesome!

  • Thank you!

  • Fantastic, well done x

  • Thank you!

  • That's really great to hear. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And that's not a bad time for a first 5K, by the way (well certainly one where you ran the whole way and didn't do run/walk splits). I love the way that everyone cheers you on at parkrun.

    Onwards and upwards. You've set yourself a PB. The next thing to do is beat it ;) Will we be seeing you back at parkrun in the next week or two?

    There's a 10K in not so far from you that I'd like to do, but this year may be a bit soon for you (it's in June). That's the Mersey Tunnels 10K - starts in Liverpool and finishes in New Brighton...

  • Hi Adam, thanks! I'll definitely go back again :)

    I think June is too soon. Will aim for September.

  • Well done you ! Knew you could do it ! When you get your official time you'll have one to beat for next time. What's even better is you conquered your nerves and got out there. Fantastic !

  • Oh, and I made my daughter shout 'Go MancunianPoodle' in the car on the way home (you'd probably finished by then !)

  • Thanks Henpen! That's kind of your daughter to shout for me!

    I'm so chuffed after all those nerves!

  • Fantastic well, I hate running but love park run, finishing without waking is my goal too, just joined this group to helpfully get some help.

  • Do you run asleep?

  • No :) everyone at Parkrun is amazing and although I come in way behind most I always get a huge cheer from the volunteers. So Saturday's aren't the problem, its Sun to Fri I need help with. Strangely enough I didn't run today, but still went and stood at the finish line. It was just a great boost to see so many or all shapes, sizes and ages finish quicker than I do. Its taken 30 years of abuse to get this unfit I am not going to undo it overnight.

  • I think you need that parkrun teeshirt, cc. You know - the one that says on the front "Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, Friday Parkrunday Sunday"... ;)

  • You'll get loads of help. It's a really supportive forum. Good luck with your running

  • That's fantastic, well done! My first parkrun time was about the same as yours. Go for the 10k, I am sure you wont regret it x :-)

  • Yes, am really seriously thinking of a 10k. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Well done! As Adam says, that's not a bad time for a first 5k. Great that the first was at a Parkrun.

  • Thanks Steve. Was so pleased to have made it round without walking or stopping!

  • Well done girl, good effort, I got my time through, yours should be on now, 28 minutes today for me. Keep it up well done

  • Thanks hb, I've just checked & times still aren't up yet. There were over 500 running though. Could take some time to process!

  • Ghosh, 25 at ours lol, but if you saw the course, you'd know why

  • Yay that's brilliant! Gotta love Parkrun :-)

  • Thanks Allie

  • Well done hunbun!!!!!! Xxx

  • Thanks chuck

  • Well done! No stopping you now!

  • Thanks ully, am on a real high!!

  • Brilliant! Well done you :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks chuck. Am so pleased!

  • Great Stuff MP.

  • Thanks D

  • Fantastic! Well done :)

  • Thank you!!

  • Gosh - just noted you haven't graduated yet! Awesome achievement and super brave. No stopping you now :)

  • Well done. Fab start for week 9!

  • Thanks Julia.

  • Well done on your first parkrun ! I have now done 4 and I love it !!

  • Thanks. They're great aren't they!

  • My goal is to run 5K now too and it's inspiring to read about a person achieving that same goal, and how rewarding it is! Great job!

  • Thank you! You'll get there. The forum has been a great help.

  • Yay ! You did it ! :-)

    Well done Poodle, sounds like you really enjoyed it , brilliant stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks pp, I loved it! Will look forward to trying Wythenshawe Park! Xx

  • Yes ! We must !! :-) xxx

  • Official time was 40.02 REALLY pleased!

  • Brilliant , Well done Poodle, I hope you are very very proud of yourself after that ! :-) xxx

  • Excellent MP, so pleased that you had such a great time.

    Yet another C25K participant who's been converted to the ParkRun cause. Who's next?

    Last week in UK, 72 thousand people ran in Park Run, and 10 thousand were first timers. Over 100 thousand people ran Park Run world-wide.

  • Thanks Marky. That's amazing. I didn't realise so many people did park runs!

  • You've just joined a large friendly society, with quite a tricky entry requirement (must be able to complete a 5km course) :-)

  • Great Run. org have just started their own version although it is still in the very early stages and the locations are quite limited at the moment.

    They are run on Sundays at 9am and you have the option of a 5k or a 2k timed run. I didnt know anything about these but I recieved information about them when I entered the GMR .

    Entry is free , when you register online you recieve a wristband and this is used to record your time (similar to the barcode at Park Run ) xxx

  • That's interesting pp. do they do one in manchester?

  • Yes, Wythenshawe Park :-) I havent done one yet though, but I suppose its a good alternative for those that cant do a Park run on Saturday xxx

  • really well done :D parkrun's are just the best :D some amazing supportive peeps :D

  • thanks Rob

  • Congratulations m'dear. The first of many Parkruns I'm guessing :)

  • thanks AMum

  • Well done on running continuously on your Park Run. I remember what a BRILLIANT buzz it is.

    I also like to volunteer at my Park Run once ever two months - just to pay back and because it is reliant on volunteers.

    I love volunteering because instead of seeing the bums of the people who run that bit faster than you each week (and they are usually the same behinds !!) you get to see the full gamut of all the participants from first to last (and in my opinion nobody is last in a Parkrun), all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities. I feel really charged up after volunteering.

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