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First park run


So got up and did my first park run ever today.Didnt know is one of the hardest park runs in Sheffield with a big hill.Bit scary as went on own but everyone was really supportive.Back runner volunteer completed his 100 run and ran with me. I came last but did 5k in 40 minutes which is a really good time for me, immensely proud of myself especially with hill.

At the finish line everyone lined up and cheered and clapped, it was all very emotional and I nearly cried.

Concord parkrun, Sheffield results for event #376. Your time was 00:40:03

So I now have a Pb to work on

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Aw well done you what a feeling. My goal is to do a park run too. Just about to start w5


Well done. We’re planning Concorde parkrun next week. We usually do hillsborough. I’m glad you enjoyed it; parkruns are special.


Fantastic - well done you and great that everyone was so supportive! What a great picture too - bet you will be smiling all day!🙂

Slowry12 in reply to Sandraj39

I'm buzzing 😀


Well done! 💪🏻


Well done😅. It’s great fun isn’t it. I did my first one last week. The first of many I think.


Really pleased for you. I’ve done my first week 9 run today and thinking about a park run next Saturday.

Slowry12 in reply to Joyms

Do it , It was really good, I wasn't aware but they all go for a fry up after, I couldn't today because I had plans but will when I go again, If only to chat with other runners as my family are getting bored with me now going on, and on and on#boreoff #notinterested 😂

That’s a great time; congratulations! 👍🏽


Yipee well done x


Well done! I did my first Parkrun today on a totally flat course and my time was 43:23 so you are way ahead of me :-)

Slowry12 in reply to KKThomas

I think I tried too hard and wished there was someone slower than me there so I didn't have to try so hard #willhurttomorrow 😁 and well done you for doing it.

KKThomasGraduate in reply to Slowry12

I didn't know if there was anyone behind me or not but decided to concentrate on getting round without stopping which for me meant going really slowly. Being at the back was a bit like being back at school and being the useless one at PE but I'm telling myself that I did it and that's what counts. The official Parkrun results made me feel a bit better, my % was better than a lot of people who were in front of me so I'm doing well for someone of my age. Anyway will keep going and see if I can get better - plus by definition this week was a PB :-)

Slowry12 in reply to KKThomas

It was my PB too, don't understand what the % is even after reading the explanation?

KKThomasGraduate in reply to Slowry12

They do some complicated maths to take into account people's ages. Basically anyone with a lower % than you is doing worse and a higher % is doing better.

Slowry12 in reply to KKThomas

Oh, I came 104th out of 107 then 😂😂😫


Great pikkie.. very well done you :)

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