WK5 R3 - false start & comedy of errors

Warning - long post!

So decided to do my 3rd run of the week last night instead of this morning. Here's a breakdown of what went wrong.

FAIL 1 - very warm night so lots of flying buzzy things that I am terrified off.

FAIL 2 - music kept cutting out.

FAIL 3 - had to run past gaggle of local men and boys at football training - all stopped and stared and gave me round of applause! Of course I ran faster!!

FAIL 4 - what do you mean that's only 5 mins done!!

FAIL 5 - small child rides bike in front of me - had to swerve - ankle gives a little protest!!

FAIL 6 - WHAT DO YOU MEAN 10 MINUTES GONE?? There is no chance I'm gonna manage another 10 minutes. Blame the gaggle of wannabe footballers for making me run too fast.

FAIL 7 - head home for an early bath having to do the walk of shame past people I knew sitting outside the pub!

Beat myself up and decide I'll have to Run in the morning even if it is raining!

Woke up this morning and the rain wasn't too bad. Set off on a slightly different route and it just felt right.

So .... After all that .... I did it!! Cool down walk home I was almost dancing along the street!!



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14 Replies

  • You did really well, I don't like coming across other people full stop! But I am getting used to it! I would've been very tempted to swerve into the pub for a cheeky one though!! Xx

  • Haha I have to say I did have a wee glass of prosecco after I beat myself up. I run at 5.45am so I don't see anybody so it was awful having to nod and smile at people! Done now though x

  • Well done! It's a shame that last night didn't work out but I love your commitment to making sure you still did the 20 minutes! Make sure you take a good rest now to give your body a chance to recover before starting week 6. I bet you'll spend the rest of today with a big grin!

  • Thanks - indeed I still have the huge grin - and I definitely will chill for a day or two before tackling week 6 - which now doesn't look so scary! :-)

  • FAIL 3 - Inspired a football team. Next time they're backs against the wall and feeling like there's nothing left to give, they'll think of you bravely going forth, and they'll say, "Oh no, we're not done yet!" and they'll dig out something extra from somewhere, and persevere.

    Well it can do you no harm to write yourself a story like that. It's true in all the important ways, too.

    Now the awkward moment has passed, you need to take their good intentions well. It doesn't sound like they were being idiots to me. Sounds like at very least you handed out some good, warm emotions to others on your run.

    FAIL 6 - The sincere recognition of the size of the task you were taking on by the football team gave you a little boost, along with the awkwardness of the publicness and the emotionality of it all. This filled you up with the very best kind of silliness, and made you run a bit too fast, which in turn led you to one of your very best failures of the year.

    Well failed. Rather have a good failure than a crappy success.

    And, of course, well done on going back there and finally achieving that goal. :-) Good successes are still better than good failures, normally.

  • You are hilarious!! That totally made me smile - I'm sure I will take some stick should I see them in the local pub - small village the youngsters will all know that I am M & Bs mum - and the adults who egged them on will be getting a good slap from me for their cheek!

    But indeed - you did warn me not to be afraid of failure and I think that's what helped me make the correct decision - not to continue.

    Thanks for your kind words - truly inspirational!!

    Hope you get some better news about your toes/spine issue :-(

    Take care x

  • Thanks. Yes, I hope the final result of all that is that I can run again ... whoa! ... was it me who just said that?? Nice story, BTW.

  • I've had that it completely throws you when the music cuts out. I had wireless h/phones and they kept bleeping really put me off. Plus if Run keeper doesn't fire up on the GPS I go to pieces!

    Well done for completing it 😇xxHH

  • Amazing - well done you!!

    Ive been putting off week 5 run 3 since my last run on Monday - I'm totally scared of failing! And the weird thing is I've really missed running this week (never thought I'd say that!!).

    We're going camping tonight with family so once the tent is up and kids are settled I'm going to do it. Then I can look forward to a nice glass of prosecco and toasted marshmallows when I get back.

  • Go for it. I was dreading it but it felt right so I knew it would be fine.

    Good luck - prosecco And toasted marshmallows!! Yay!! X

  • Love your long and very funny post! I haven't encountered such a lot of opposition or done week 5 (start Monday)! Feel excited now I know it can b done

  • Ha ha! This post is so funny. Lovely description and well done to you for running for 20 minutes. It's a big achievement and you should feel very proud.

    A "gaggle of footballers"! Love it!

  • Haha thanks. I was mortified at the time but got over it now 😳

  • well done. I like to run somewhere where very few people venture in the morning - never passed a pedestrian yet !!

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