A fall! Wk5 R3

Psyched myself up and was off and running for Run 3 and telling myself 20mins was going to be no problem.

Three minutes in and my foot went down a pothole and I sprawled inelegantly to the floor. Thankfully I was in a nature reserve so nobody was around to see my accident (I felt very foolish). Got to my feet quickly but ankle and shoulder were both sore. Hobbled home and true to form my ankle swelled up beautifully and today has a rather impressive bruise. It's painful to walk on but I don't think I've done anything more serious than twist it

Wondering how long I should leave it after it stops hurting before I run again. Might have to take it back to the beginning of Week 5 as I will be out of practice. Will also buy an ankle support bandage as I've turned this particular ankle over before and it always swells up like this when I do.


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  • Oh you poor thing! I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your questions but just wanted to pass on my sympathy - particularly at the beginning of Wk5 run3!

  • Me too. Try a walk after 2/3 days and see how that feels. You know your body so that should give you a good idea when it can take the extra pressure of a run. Good luck with the rest and recuperation plan

  • I agree (with the advice and the ouch), that sounds about right. Test it out first.

    Keep your ankle mobile during recovery, gentle circular movements (MICE) care with the ankle support, only use it while running, they are not designed to be left on and usually stop just above the ankle which combined with rest increases risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

    Hope you heal soon

  • It's a bit like how longs a piece of string, will depend how bad the damage is and all you can go on is how it feels

  • One day to six weeks depending on how bad it is. The main advice is RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation. Get walking on it gently for a couple of days after the swelling goes down. If it doesn't hurt and if the swelling doesn't recur, then gradually build up the exercise. Unfortunately once an ankle is sprained, it is more likely to do it again as the ligaments get stretched. Bear with it but ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION rather than bravado!

  • MICE not RICE nowadays to keep the ankle mobility. Gentle stretches and circles.

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