First Day

Well .... week 1, day 1 ticked off. I went in full of enthusiasm and started ok but half way through I could have just walked the rest but I kept with it but slowly. I felt I was plodding around but that is probably because I need to improve my technique (and fitness). My legs felt like lead but I did it and felt ok after. The next step is day 2 when I know what to expect but I will try.


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17 Replies

  • It's just your first day, give it a chance, it doesn't matter about speed or technique, as long as you get out there and do it and stick with it, you will improve over time and reap the benefits..

  • I'll try my best.

  • Well done for keeping with it. I felt exactly the same on my first run out. Taking it slow and steady is the right way to approach the program.

  • It does help to know others have been through the same feelings.

  • Well done for starting. DON'T worry about how slowly you're running; it really doesn't matter. In fact, it's better if you do run slowly. Just try to relax and feel comfortable. Trust in the plan and in Laura, and you'll do fine. Keep letting us know how it's going.

  • Thanks, I will.

  • Well done for starting up C-5K! You've passed the biggest hurdle - just getting going is a great start! I want to encourage you and say I remember week one being hard, as it was just something totally alien to me and my body but as you said correctly, you will build up strength and it will get easier and even more rewarding - honestly you will be surprised. Good luck and enjoy your next run! :)

  • Thank you, I need to trust everyone who has been there and believe it will get better.

  • Yeah, go you!!!! Every journey satirist with a first step, and it is often the hardest one to take, so well done you. We all started out the same way - you'll be building up you fitness with every run and in a few months you'll look back and blink in surprise at the progress you have made. So take one day at a time and don't put the pressure on yourself. Now give yourself a huge pat on the back - YOU DID IT!

  • starts. not satirist. Akk.

  • Thank you, I appeciate your motivational comments. One pat on the back deserved and here's to day 2.

  • Hey, I remember those days well. I am now on week 8 and still feeling the pain in my legs and the aches but then I realise that I can now run 20 minutes ! Keep going, I hadnt done any exercise in 30 years when I started!

  • I hope I will look back and see the progress I have made, thanks.

  • I had the same doubts once. The way to overcome them is just to keep on, one run at a time (and adapting to your own progress). Eventually you can make it through, even if you have to take the scenic route like I've had to.

    But I see you're already thinking like that, so I think I'll bet on you succeeding. Well done.

  • Thanks for your comment.

  • :-) I started yesterday too. I've had a few false starts trying to get myself running without any structure which is why having a proper training plan worked out for me to follow sounded like such a good idea. In our house my husband and I refer to my runs as 'plods' and its become a bit of a joke but not in a putting me down kind of way. He encourages me to go out for a 'plod' all the time. Can't wait till he sees me actually run past him ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Great, my hubby was a bit shocked when I suddenly decided I was going to do this but I would love for him to see me run at the end of the 9 weeks. Keep in touch and maybe we can help each other along the way.

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