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First day


So today was my first day. It wasn't easy and I couldn't run for 1 minute although I did manage it once. I never thought running for 1 minute would be so difficult. I am about 5 stone overweight and 54 yrs old so I just decided that any movement is better than none and to stick on week one till I can do it. Has anyone else had to do this or is it just me?

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Hi and welcome! No it's not just you - it's quite common! I thought I was going to have heart failure when I did it 😬 Make sure you're going really slowly during the runs - no prizes for speed with this programme.

The main thing is that you went out and had a go. Every run makes you stronger, so keep going!


When you say any movement is better than none - do you walk much? Can you walk at a reasonably fast pace for 30 minutes? If not, maybe look to achieve that first then attack week 1 again. But if you're already comfortable walking at a brisk pace then week 1 will soon be achievable.

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Well I take the dog for walks but to be honest he is more lazy than me 😉

I found it really hard too being 10 years older than you never having run before and with breathing problems but each week of the programme gradually builds up stamina and confidence. I am now on week 8 although it has taken me a while to get there. Take it very slowly. My running pace is slower than my warm up walking pace! Keep at it!


I was nursing a broken elbow elbow when I did it the first time around, so gave myself and "intro" Week 0 of 30 secs running and 60 secs walking, before I got into Week 1 proper.

See how R2 goes; but as long as you're moving (and speed doesn't matter!!) then carry on.

Well done!!

Well done, you. Also started today. Something is definitely better than nothing. You should feel proud.

Well done I struggled on my first run going to do it again a couple times till I can do full



Welcome.. check this post out and know that so many of us have felt exactly as you do :)

Read the info.... and then head out again.. and slow is the way.. slower than a slow snail on a go slow...:)

It will evolve.. slow and steady and in a relaxed way... you are among friends here... :)

Thank you for all your comments. Second run Tuesday.

I struggled so much with week 1 I repeated the entire week, just completed week2 run1, so convinced I wouldn't make it through but i did, you will too! Well done for starting, keep it up! X


Your tale is so not uncommon as to be common!

My own first run involved a ton of sweating, a lot of panting and gasping for breath, and actual whining aloud that I couldn't do it. I feel quite embarrassed about that last bit, mainly because I'm not an out loud complainer by nature. I've repeated it here a few times in hopes of making someone else feel better, but honestly I wish I had had more dignity.

I would like to suggest you take a thirty minute pre-program walk. Maybe a couple. Like do a week of that (by which I mean 3 times) before starting the program.

This is a huge shock to the system if you truly haven't been doing much exercise at all, literally off the couch. Take 30 minutes to just stroll around the neighborhood. It's a little way of letting your body know 'Hey we're going to be doing this now. We're going to leave the house for a half hour or so and move around."

No shame in starting slow.

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