Room for one more on the injury couch?

A few days ago I picked up a bug that left me too weak to run and a chronic back problem I have, has become more painful than usual and now, to cap it all, whilst burning fallen branches and broken garden furniture on a bonfire I managed to fall over resulting in bumps and bruises and a 2nd degree burn!

Instead of easing myself back into it with a gentle ParkRun tomorrow as I'd hoped, I'll have to offer my services as a volunteer instead and wallow in self-pity.

Enjoy your running.

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  • Ouch. Hope you are good enough to get back in your running shoes soon. In the meanwhile have a couple of pints of your favourite tipple. Best muscle relaxant I know. In fact I could do with some now!

  • A couple of pints? I think it's a bit early for that - unless it's a champagne breakfast of course.

  • Speedy recovery!

  • Thank you.

  • Should we rename you Calamiti-Balti? What a series of unfortunate events! Hope you can enjoy the volunteering despite not being able to run and that you can help cheer the other IC folks up while your various scrapes heal themselves. Speedy recovery :)

  • Or perhaps Liability-Balti?

  • Whats going on Mr B ? You have been through the wringer haven't you ?

    That sounds very painful , hope youre okay and feel better soon . Has Mrs B got over her bug ?

    This is really bizarre , because the first song I heard this morning was " Ring of Fire " by Johnny Cash ! :-)

    Take care out there Phil , its dangerous ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug, the future Mrs. B's sympathetic as ever, consoling me with "...clumsy clot..." I think it was ; )

    I'm not fit to be let out!

  • Budged up to make room, sorry your joining us. Hopefully non of us will be here too long. I think you have done your quota of bad luck. Happy healing.

  • Thanks, it's a bit squashed on here innit?

  • We will have to get a bigger couch , I think.

    Have DFS got a sale on ? :-) xxx

  • Clumsy bugger! Hope you recover quickly, Phil.

  • Thanks Steve, had a lot of luck lately, all bad!

  • As a total klutz myself you have my sympathy. There there now, have a bun. I just made em. Beetroot and taramasalata. I dropped them on the floor though so they're a bit fluffy.

  • Thanks for the bun missw.

    The next Mrs. Balti despairs of me, she's had too many 'phone calls from hospitals here and abroad after various mishaps.

  • Awww, that sucks big time! Sorry to hear about it, the burn must have been quite painful. Hope you heal quickly.

  • Thanks Tomas, it did at the time but it looks worse than it feels now.

  • Stay away from the Giant Hogweed Mr B :-)

    Do not approach , stand well back :-D xxx

  • ร€ Propos of which, here's a map showing the hotspots:-

  • Oh I am living in a Hogweed Hell Hole according to that :-)

    Havent seen any yet tho' :-) xxx

  • My goodness, they say things come in threes and you've certainly got 3 good excuses to sit on the Injury Couch. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  • Thanks AncientMum, if I'd have been a horse I'd be glue by now.

  • Haha :D Me too!

  • Neigh ! :-D xxx

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