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Suddenly on the injury couch!


Managed to sprain my ankle (I think) at some point yesterday, no idea when or how but bowling with my brother and my kids plus a fair bit of walking meant my foot was really painful and swollen once we got back from my daughter's first proper session at air cadets last night, on the plus side she loved it and is looking forward to going back next week...

In the meantime I'm resting as much as I can, putting an ice pack wrapped in a towel on my foot for a little bit at a time, elevated on a couple of sofa cushions, hubby is bringing home some ibuprofen and a tubigrip later. Really feeling down in the dumps with everything else that's going on and I'm really hoping I can run soon...

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Oh, that is really bad luck...not what you needed at all😔. Rest up well and I hope it settles down soon for you. Take care🙂.


Icing and elevation, with some pain relief is a good plan. The ice seems to work fast, so keep some frozen paper/polystyrene cups of water in the ice making drawer. You take one out of the cup and play it over your ankle (towel underneath you) They last about 8 - 10 minutes before completely melting. You keep the ice moving to avoid freezer burn. Great healer! The anti-inflamm powers of Neurofen etc are slow to kick in but at least the ice gets to work quick.

I hope you're up and back out there very soon! Meanwhile try and stay off it, with your foot up, as much as poss.

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Thanks. I've been laid up in the sofa pretty much all day and bored out of my skull! I don't have any plastic cups but the ice packs that come with my muscle food orders are very useful. Hubby is on his way home with ibuprofen, hopefully I'll be back to normal soon...


Rest up, chill and you will be back on form before you know it...x

Really sorry to hear that you are laid up with a painful ankle /foot - rest and take it easy when you start running again, and hopefully you will be back in no time!

Hope the swelling goes down quickly. I think you would have noticed if you'd sprained your ankle though.

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Yeah I don't think its a sprain now but still no idea what I've done... However, a day on the sofa with ice pack etc means a massive improvement today and not swollen at all. I'll take it easy together and may venture out tomorrow for a little trot to see how I go...

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