Leaving the injury couch!

It's been two weeks exactly since my last run, and finally I felt like a run was possible after injuring my ankle. Just a short one, slower than usual, but my ankle seems to be holding up ok so far. It's a start...

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 3.63km, time: 23:33, pace: 6:29min/km, speed: 9.25km/h.


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  • Terrific that you are back, take it easy xxx

  • I've spent the last two weeks watching other runners enviously (something I never thought would happen!) so I'm happy to have got through the run. I won't be pushing it though!

  • Good stuff. Welcome back. x

  • Thanks, I've missed my runs!

  • Great but just take it easy.

  • Oh yes absolutely, I definitely don't want to push it.

  • Back on the running path... wonderful! :)

  • I've missed it!

  • Sounds great Rosie. Hope the ankle holds up well.

  • Slow jogging builds running legs!

    Have fun out there 😊

  • Hooray..... well done 😎

  • Being on the IC is just miserable, isn't it?! Seeing runners everywhere you go and being desperate to get out there yourself. Take it slow and steady now you're back and fingers crossed no more injuries for you.

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