View from the Injury Couch 2

Well here I am, one month in and definitely getting better. My broken toe has stopped hurting and I have regained some slight movement in my broken ankle. I'm still completely dependent on my crutches and signed off work but I do feel that things are healing. :)

What I have learned recently whilst ensconced on the old IC:

It's not a good idea to overbalanced and put all your weight on a broken ankle whilst attempting to feed a hungry cat. OUCHY!!

Do not assume that a quick trip to John Lewis with hubby will be anything other than exhausting when hauling yourself around on crutches.

It's very very easy to put on weight when confined to a chair most of the time, so step (hobble) away from the chocolate.

Ironing whilst sitting down is surprisingly annoying. Actually, I don't know why I'm surprised because ironing is annoying full stop!

My spirit is broken, I watched Homes Under The Hammer 3 times last week.

Keep posting lovely forum friends, you really are keeping me sane - although I'm getting seriously jealous of all the lovely new shoes that have been appearing recently. xxxx


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24 Replies

  • AM can't believe it is a month are doing brilliantly as expected. Keep the shopping to online for the meantime and put the cat on a diet! Keep the leg and chin up....not long now before you can throw away the crutches. :))

  • Aw cheers Nelly, just don't mention online shopping, no, really don't ;) Lol

  • When I had my bunion off I used to iron with my foot backwards up on a dining room chair. It seemed to work!

    I do feel for you - I was on crutches for seven weeks, after which all my fingers went numb from the pressure of leaning on the crutches.

    How much longer till you can start hobbling under your own steam?

  • Yes, you're so right, Useit, the most painful thing is using the bloomin' crutches. My poor hands!! Hopefully shouldn't be for too much longer. The doc reckoned it would take 8weeks from injury to walking 'normally'. Can't wait!! x

  • It'll be worth the wait. Hang in there x

  • When I broke my ankle they eventually took the crutches away and gave me normal wooden walking sticks, that was the worst as I had to wedge them against my sides in order to put my weight on them :(

    I remember it took me 3 hours to walk to the hospital with the walking sticks whereas with the crutches it took an hour :(

    I still have a nice 5cm long scar where they put in the plate, pin, and 5 screws, and then took them out again 3 months later.

    That was back in 1993. Happily it seems to have not effected running, appart from a tendency for that foot to point outwards a little bit (although still landing flat and so neutral).

  • Blimey Zev! You're not filling me with confidence. I was hoping to go from 2 crutches, to 1 crutch, to no crutches. I wasn't anticipating a post-crutch, walking stick phase. :-O

  • Dont worry AM I'm sure you'll do far better than I did :) remember, I wasnt a runner back then :)

  • Paws says he hopes the cat got fed eventually!! Glad you feel that the mending process is taking shape.

  • Tell Paws that Puskin is very persistant. If he wants food there's no peace for anyone until he gets it. :D

  • Ha ha we have to do 'Pause for Paws' every evening at 8.30. It doesn't matter if the programme you are watching is interesting or important (actually mostly we're just watching crap wondering why there's never anything good on the telly) the pause button has to be pressed or no-one gets to watch it as Miss Verity Cat keeps putting her paw in your face until you get up and fill the bowl. I'm defo coming back as a moggie.

  • Glad things are getting a little easier! Though not for general household tasks :( Hope hubby took you for a coffee and cake in John Lewis( i'm presuming it has one though, our nearest one is southampton so haven't been to one often!) to ease the pain?

    I only iron on demand, mainly special occasions! so not often! :X

    Theres no shame in watching Homes under the Hammer sometimes, i caught a bit of that today!

    get well soon, want you off that IC! :)

    PS! no new trainers for me! :(

  • Cheers Ali. Sadly no coffee and cakes for me -the cafe is upstairs and there was a queue for the lift. However daughter no1 had made fairy cakes when we got home, so I did get quite a spectacular sugar hit for them (did I mention I was putting on weight? :) ) xx

  • Yay, things are on the mend! Boo, to still having to rely on crutches!

    And hands off Martin, I saw him first :P

  • Hahahahaha :D Do you know what Frocky, you can have him! I've been watching Poldark on Watch Again. Think I'm in love..... ;) x

  • Hi AM

    Homes under the Hammer ey. It could be much, much worse. It could be (dare I even say it) Flog It!!!!! Aaaaaahh.

    I imagine hauling ass on crutches must be just completely knackering. Still, calories burned ey. Ev'ry cloud an all that ..... My brother broke his ankle and I used to be lost in admiration at how he got about on crutches. He could sort of hop onto the bus! Mind you he was as thin as a reed.

    It must so frustrating for you AM. Being unable to get about and do the things we take for granted would be enough to send us round the bend. I think doing the ironing though is too much like hard work. Contract it out! Some nice person will drive to your house and take it away, return it beautifully ironed and much better than you would do it. Get your husband to pay too, so that it's completely painless. I found that my husband made far less ironing when he was paying for it. He wore jumpers much more frequently. LOL

    I saw a trailer on the Beeb yesterday. Apparently we're getting some Dickens classics redone. I think there will be 10 books - all of which will be covered in just one programme rather than being serialised. My ears pricked up cos Our Mutual Friend is one of them. I've been trying to plough through that book for weeks. So, some good telly in the offing and it beats keep watching re-runs of Homes under the Hammer

    Take care AM. Hope to see you back in your running shoes real soon!

  • Oh good grief I did that for A level. It was torture (though my English teacher looked like Eugene in my head)!

  • Cheers m'dear. I'm trying to think of the crutches as an upper body workout. Not as extreme as the lovely Gillian but more useful under the circumstances.

    Suspect the chances of me getting in an ironing service are vanishingly small but daughter no1 is back from uni now and I suspect she may be willing to iron in exchange for pocket money. Gotta love an impoverished student :)

    BBC Dickens classics on the telly? Now you're talking!! Pass me the remote :) :)

  • Aw thank you sweetie. There's nothing at all wrong with a bit of chocolate, but the operative word is 'bit'!! Sadly, I've been eating A LOT. Oh well, more incentive (if I needed it) to get out there and get running again. xxx

  • Forgot to say, yum yum Cadburys Caramel. Love 'em! Years ago I worked as a nursing auxiliary in an old peoples' home. Used to always have a Caramel bar about 2:30am when I was on night duty. No wonder I've got so many fillings ;) xx

  • Blimey, a month already? Cripes!

    I can sympathise a little bit, I remember how much I was crawling the walls when I was recovering from an operation a couple of years ago. It's awful isn't it? (And that was only for two weeks!) Just take each day as it comes and take it easy! xx

  • Things are definitely looking up now that daughter no 1 is home from uni. At least I've got someone to talk to -when she gets out of bed that is! :)

  • Gosh a whole month - how time flies... though I imagine it feels like an unbearably long stretch for you. Hmm chocolate, nothing wrong with that, I stick to the really dark 85% cocoa sort. I find I only need a couple of squares and it's enough, with milk choc I can stuff down a whole bar then of course I feel sick, guilty and get the sugar shakes...

    Take care AM, and glad that Lucy and Martin are keeping you company...

  • Thanks TT. Yes a whole month, with no time off for good behaviour! Really must start behaving myself...... :D

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