A gorgeous end to week 2

A gorgeous end to week 2

I had a much better time out this time. My shins still hurt, but it was much more manageable. The right knee was totally fine. I finished the runs and felt like if my legs were stronger I could have kept going. I ran for the first time in the rain today (not a downpour) and liked it. Beautiful clouds, fresh air, and a rainbow? Who can ask for more?

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  • Well done, I remember my first c25k run in the rain: makes you feel prouder than ever of your determination to succeed :)

    Careful of the shin pain, you may need more rest days. My shin pain has been increasing (graduation + 3weeks) & now advised total rest from running for 2 weeks. Apparently the muscle is growing too fast & pressing against the shin, (sorry if not accurate as its my version of what I was told by sports therapist) it is not permanent damage but a kind of bruising which if you don't let heal, just keeps getting worse. Can't wait to get back out there & not sure yet what will help with withdrawal symptoms!

  • I'll watch out. I'm actually feeling pretty good today.

  • Well done you.i am doing the same run later today so right behind you. My shins have been aching too but only when running but I am sure that as long as they are not too painful it is just a case of our legs getting used to running. I find stretching after a run helps.keep going and good luck with week 3.

  • Good luck on week 3 yourself! I'm sure you're right about our legs adjusting and will be out again on Sunday. 😊

  • Hi there, how are your shins feeling now? I had to stop running on the road as although I could run through the pain barrier, it was definitely getting worse. I got myself a 2 week gym membership and have been 'running' on the cross trainer. No impact whatsoever and shins are improving. I am using a running for weight loss app and it's working for me. Hoping to get back on the road later this week.

  • The shins are a bit better. Now I can mostly identity it as muscle soreness. I will be attempting week 5 run 3 later today and we'll see how that goes. I hope you are able to get back out there soon!

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