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Good morning gorgeous people!

It's another fabulous morning for a run!

I finally feel fully better after my tummy bug (it's taken 2 weeks to fully recover). And I managed a 3.5km run on Monday & then on Weds I did my longest run yet of 5.7k!!

It took me 47mins (it's more of a shuffle than a run) but looks like I'll get around the 5k Race for Life course ok on 21st June!!!

I'm still undecided about the 10k on 12th July. Will see how it goes over next few weeks.

Am going to try for another 5k this morning.

I've been eating too much since I've been feeling better which I need to sort out.

Does anyone else find that they eat more when they run more? I eat all the wrong things!!!!

Anyway. I'm off for a run in the sun. Have a great day everyone! Happy running :)


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Glad to hear you're better Poodle! It's nice having this lovely weather and the new problem of when is it cool enough to run! Happy running - oh and you will smash that 5k no problem!


Thanks Northern. Just got back & did 5k in 40.25! My fastest time yet!! Really pleased. It's warm out there!!!

Have a good day!


Just leaving the dentist and heading out for my run next! Before the day gets too hot here in Lancashire!

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Hi there Manc! Glad to hear you're over your tummy bug and raring to go (well, you have been raring to go but you know what I mean, LOL)

Eat the right things! You know it makes sense. You'll feel better and your running is bound to benefit. I plan ahead a bit when I'm running to make sure I have some good stuff waiting for me when I get home from a 10 k (or beyond) A particularly like a bowl of home made chilli and wholegrain rice and some home made guacamole. I make some energy bars too for immediate scoffing when I get back.

I hope you can do your 10 k in July. That would be a fabbo achievement. 10 k is a great distance. I love 10ks as they seem easier to me than the 5ks where you don't have time to hit your stride before it's all over. 10k gives you more time to get into your run and settled into your stride. I'm slow to warm up so it suits me really well. You'll have to see how your training goes and then make the decision nearer the day. Have you entered it?


Hi Miss Wobble,

Yes I entered the race about 4 weeks ago but have stuttered in my training due to illness.

I'm going to try and build my distance up a bit over the next few weeks so will see how I go.

I'd love to do it :)


Hi Poodle ! I would say " Definitely Go for it ! "

I was the same when I did the GMR, I hadn't ran any distance over 5.5k when I hurt my hip, and I then took it nice and easy when I did recover from it , not to aggravate it again.

The adrenalin and support from the other runners and crowd will get you through. I ran for 4 or 5k without stopping , then I thought I was going to throw up,so I did run/walk for 2-3 k , then ran for the last 1- 2 k

You will be fine , I am sure . For me , the main thing was the taking part in it and completing it , which I did and I had a fantastic time in the process.

I have discovered I am not particularly bothered about achieving fast times, I just want to go out there , have a brilliant time and complete it.

Go for it , you can do it . I bet you will have a ball ! :-) xxx


Thanks Poppy!

You're encouragement has fired me up!!


Good lass ! That's the spirit , you can do it ! :-) xxx


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