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W4R1 - what just happened?

Did I seriously manage to run for five minutes straight? And not only that, did I manage to do it twice? Seriously though I'm feeling very pleased with myself but found the jump from a total run of 9 minutes per session (w3) to a total of 16 minutes to be such a huge jump. I really wonder whether it isn't too big a jump.

Also, I decided today out of curiosity to turn on Map my Fitness to see how far I went and it was 2.5 km. Am I running too slow?

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Well done! I'm doing W4 R1 tomorrow ... Good to think the jump in mins running might not be as I am expecting


Well Done!!

No you are not as long as your comfortable its not about speed or distance just time at the moment, you will find you will get faster as you get fitter, but for now I really wouldn't worry about it. Just enjoy your self :)

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I completed wk 4 r3 this morning and tend to agree that the jump from 9 to 16 mins was huge. I really struggled in the last run and walked for about 20 seconds halfway through that last one.

I'm doing just over 2.5 miles each time but not sure if that's good or bad. Everyone says its about time not distance.

I suppose you should just run at your own pace and try to enjoy it.

Well done - hope you're feeling proud :-)


Wow, well done. I'm about to do Wk 4 Run 1 this evening, so its good to read your experience. I'm doing about the same distance also, so I think mostly its about time at the moment not distance. Keep going, your doing an amazing job ...


Thanks everyone. I have to say that I am really enjoying it and feel pleased with myself. Run 2 is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. How did everyone who was doing Run 1 get on?


Definitely not going too slow, it's an impossibility to go too slow.

I believe 'going slow' almost allows your body to recover whilst you are running, which in turn allows you to run for those slightly longer distances that we were doing in weeks 1 and 2.

The podcast is going to run for a set time, it has no concept of speed or distance. So whether you start off like the tortoise or the hare, the podcast will still run for the length of its set.

The tortoise and hare is an apt analogy. I would rather be the tortoise and complete the program. Speed may come, maybe it won't. Maybe it is a goal for the future, maybe it isn't - but once your body is able to run for long distances without stopping you can make that choice.

I found as the length of time running increased each week, going slightly slower than even I had been going before was the key. I was able to get home, stretch a bit, then bounce about going 'Yay, I've been out running!'

Obviously before getting changed, settling down and stating, 'Hey. I'm batman'.

Good luck with your next run. Let me know how it went.


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