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W3R3 & W4R1

Well W3R3 passed off in a slow mediocre way, nothing to report really other than it was a bit chilly.

I then had 2 rest days before commencing Week4 tonight. I got in from work at 5 and contemplated going out then as by the time I got changed it would be dark..then Mr Pip came home so I procrastinated a bit and eventually went out after 7pm ,which is still the earliest one I have done yet.

I admit I was dreading this week... the thought of running 3 mins and then a massive 5 minutes and then repeating it was great fodder for Stanley G sowing much fear and trepidation into my head.

I got through the door and down the drive and the wind which is really whipping up now conspired to almost blow me back in the house.

I walked down to the promenade and the 3-2-1, I set off slowly and carefully with a great wind behind me and smashed the first 3 minute run. As I recovery walked, Stan reminded me that 5 minute is a bit of a jump from 3 and that I wouldn't quite manage it all. So I determined that I would set off ever slower than usual and reminded myself that the wind was beneath my wings in this outward direction. 5 minutes later I was tired but not exhausted but was very conscious that I was about to turn back into the wind-no shelter but then what can I expect if I choose to live next to the Irish Sea.

Sarah Millican hoped I was recovered (er no) as it was time to do 3 minute run...which again I plodded through not too badly...much to my surprise...cue Stanley: You can't manage this 5 minutes... you're running into the will be too tiring for you...and on and on"

Well somehow I just kept going, one foot after the other in some sort of jogging motion...and I did now I know I can complete week 4.

Now I am home, fed and watered and early night and a rest day (with an evening swim tomorrow) and then Stanley can really let rip at me as I start stressing about attending the Inaugural parkrun here in the appropriately named Stanley park...Hopefully Stanley G will like it there and stay!

Not sure how to do the run... should I do W4R2 and then walk the rest...or should I still jog a little more in places where I feel I can? I do like the idea of my No1 Parkrun being in the town's no1 Parkrun...we can grow together. Mr Pip is coming too he is a week ahead of me on week 5...

I am happy to post a slow finish time as then it will be achievable to beat the next time I go haha

Wish us luck

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Well done🎉 I think week 4 is a toughie, 5 minutes is quite a jump from 3 but you did it😀, in the wind too👍

I can't advise on the park run but I'm sure you'll love it whatever you decide to do, good luck😀

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Oooh you'll do great at Parkrun. You can either follow the program or just go and run/walk it as you see fit. Or put week 2 or 3 on repeat and do it twice? You have options, whatever motivates you. Just know that people get excited and start off fast, so go slow at the start and you'll have great success. I like to sneak in a walk break before the end so that I can come charging across the finish line when it comes into sight

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Yes I have already instructed myself to start at the back so that I don't get swept away in the rush 🏃🏃🏃


One thing I love about this programme is that after each run, you realise you can do what you thought you'd never be able to do before. And then before you know it, you're a "runner"! Good luck on the Park run MotherPip 👍👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ And eventually Stanley will realise he's wasting his time sitting on your shoulder!! Bye bye Stanley 👋👋👋

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Well done MotherPip on a great Week 4 run. 5 minuted yeah!. 😊

I have never done a parkrun but I think that what runswithdogs said is good advice.

Good luck..enjoy yourself..and start slowly.. xxx

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Well done! Running into the wind is SO tough. I'm always amazed at the difference it makes to my heart rate when I turn a corner into the wind... Running by the sea though is simply the best, isn't it?! :)

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