Has anyone set out for a run in heavy rain?

I have set out for a run when it looked like rain, and have run in the rain, but I've never set off in a downpour. The weather has been a bit downpour-esque here this afternoon, so I am wondering what to do about my run tonight. I don't want to skip it, but if it is chucking it down, do you not get really cold and sopping wet on the 5 minute warm up walk? I am usually wearing just a top and capri pants or little shorts to run in at the moment, because if I wear a jacket I get much too hot, but it also means I will get very cold if it throws it down during the warm-up. But on the other hand, it is too warm to take a jacket just for the warm-up walk, as I would think I'll be fine once I'm running, and running with it tied round my waist for 20 minutes really annoys me!


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15 Replies

  • I love rain running and always wear a windcheater to make me sweat up and lose a few more pounds - Lost nearly two stone in six weeks!!!!

  • Hi Jenbie,

    I don't LIKE to set out in pouring rain for exactly the same reasons as you've just said. It's fine with me if it starts once I'm warm; I usually NEED it to rain to cool me down! However, having said that, I will set out in rain if I have to, and I have found that if I do the warm up walk at the briskest pace I can, and just get my head down and get on with it, I am soon warm. It take a minute or two longer than normal but you get there in the end.

    It makes me smile when I'm running in the rain/wind/sleet/hail, and I meet another runner coming the opposite way.The rolling of eyes, nodding of heads and grimaces we exchange, just means: "Aren't we crazy brave people to be out in this trying to get ourselves fit and looking after ourselves??? Fairweather runners? NOT US!!


  • :-). I have been dodging some runs because of the rain but now trying to get back in full swing. I hate running in the rain because of my glasses, everything else I can deal with but rain dripping down you glasses and obscuring your vision is annoying. Anyone found a solution to that?

    In terms of being cold - yeah - it is colder and I don't like it. Goes away once up to speed but never comfortable. Still not a major issue as we used to say " you won't shrink" - at least not from the rain.

  • If you wear a hat with a peak it keeps the rain off your face - should help a bit with the glasses issue!

  • If you are able to wear contacts, or go without glasses, that could help. I wear glasses, buy my prescription is mild so I don't bother to run with them.

  • yes have now run 4 time in heavy rain and I love it. I feel I do better in those runs than when its warm

  • Yup and I will be tonight by the looks of things out the window! The first 5 mins is a bit chilly but once your'e off you kind of forget about it.

  • If you're worried about feeling cold during the warm up, maybe you could do a bit of a warm up before you leave the house? Walk up and down the stairs a few times, do some jumping jacks, whatever it takes to get you feeling warm and ready to brave the cold weather :-)

  • Very good idea Frazzles!!

  • Rain helps keep me cool once I'm going, I really like running in the rain just for that. As for keeping warm during the warm up... At the start of some events I've seen folk in a bin bag with arm and head holes cut out to keep them warm until they get going, then they just chuck it away. If you're running a circular route, try that. Hurl it in a hedge when you're all warmed up and pick it up again on the way back. No littering here you understand! :)

  • LOL, I live/run in an urban area, so i think i would attract a lot of attention running in a bin bag! Bear in mind the husband had "fat C-U-Next-Tuesday" yelled at him from a passing car once while running. :( Good suggestion otherwise though!

  • Well, i went, and the warm-up wasn't too bad. It wasn't too cold once i was moving, and it was quite an interesting experience! Though, in hindsight, it isn't the best idea to run down a very steep tarmac hill in rain. Bit dangerous! :D

  • Ah Jenbie,

    What a horrible thing to say to your hubby - we never have the presence of mind to hurl back something smart at the time...those fab retorts always come into your head at about 3am lol. I think we all need a little list of running heckle responses...shall we start one??

    So far I've only had some teenage lads whistling and telling me to "run, baby, run" lol. It was dark at the time - I'm sure if they'd seen that they were wolf whistling a 51 yr old they might not have been so loud!!


  • The first nice day we've had since I started running I went out in a strappy top, and I ended up running without the OH - so I discovered how many pervs live in my neighbourhood, lol.

  • I've gone out in the rain in either my waterproof jacket with a top underneath (and trackies, obviously!) or a zip up top over my top, depending on how much its raining. I end up unzipping the top/jacket when I get warmer, and have on occasion tied the top layer round my waist when I've gotten warm enough.

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