Couch to 5K

Week 1 R2

Man alive, that felt harder than the first time! And I am sweating a LOT more!

On the plus side, I'm using the awesome Runtastic time so I can track how I'm doing and I definitely am getting faster.....albeit it by just a little! Apparently I shaved a minute off my fastest mile...Went from 12:24 to 11:20!

OK, not going to win the Olympics any time soon, but it's going in the right direction at least! :D

I'm hoping the massive amount of sweating is more down to the hot weather where I live!

If anyone wants to see the run I did, I think I've set the Runtastic page correctly for people to view it.

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Well done coin keep up the good work 👍


well done...I read 'sweating' as 'swearing' as that's exactly what I was doing when I did week 1!!


LOL, no, no swearing, not yet anyway. That might come soon though :)


I am so glad it isn't just me! I have just finished (this morning) my 3rd run of W1.

Run 2 was so much harder. In fact the 2nd 'run' of Run 2 was the hardest of the lot. It was as if my body was testing me to see if I was serious or it could get me to give up. Fortunately I didn't as the subsequent runs, whilst they made me sweat like a very damp thing from the planet soppy, were 'easier'.

I wonder whether my body is coming to terms with the fact that this is not just a novelty or a fad and is just going to have to give up and give in and do it.


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