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Week 1 Run 1

OK, first things first. I'm a little overweight, but over the past few months i've lost a few pounds, put a few back on, lost a few etc etc Been to the gym, pulled a muscle, forgot about the gym (still paid !!), pulled another muscle, forgot about the gym etc etc.

I'm going to use this blog as a motivational tool - trust me when i say if I can do so can anyone. I am eating sensibly/healthy and my main goal is to be a little thinner and more active.

Bottom line is i'm not a serial exerciser, i want to become more active, more fitter and have a body of an adonis (at 44 that ain't gunna' happen). I'm embarrassed to say that all my work colleagues are fitter and all take regular exercise - and i'm suitably impressed by them.

So last night was the start of a new journey for me. So i packed by things into a sports bag and headed off to the gym (i'm still paying). Headphones on and MP3 downloaded and I was off. I was amazed at how simple the workout was, i kept everything at an even pace, heart rate was increased and i was sweating like i was in a Sauna.

30 minutes pasted in no-time and i had run/walked for 3.2k, and most of all enjoyed it. But most of all the feeling afterwards was fantastic.

Woke-up this morning with no tweaks or pulls, and a general feeling of good health.

Weight at the start of the Month 14st 1lb (1st May)

Weight at the 22nd of the Month 13st 12lb

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Well done! I had similar goals when I started...fitter, leaner, new challenge etc. Finally paying off after several months and starting to blog now at wk5 is helping to keep the momentum going. Keep going and good luck!


Just keep at it. You've taken a massive step in starting again. Don't let failures of the past put you off. (and not your age either. There's 70 year olds on here!) Just stick to the programme, repeat weeks if you need to, and take it steady. It's a journey as you say, not a sprint.

Good luck and congratulations on completing your first run.

(sorry I sound like a veteran don't I? Only week 7 myself, but I know how important encouragement is, so I lay it on 2 meters thick :-) )


Congratulations on picking yourself up and starting again. I'm pretty much in the same boat and paid gym fees for two years whilst barely making it past the cafe (they did great chips!). I have about 4 stone to loose and at 48 years old didn't think you'd ever catch me running again. But with the help of C25K programme and Slimming World I'm on my way. 10lbs off so far and (as of this morning) officially no longer obese (hurrah - merely overwieight now - may have to have a small slice of cake to celebrate!!)

Lets do this RedditchMark :)


Can i just say all these positive comments are having the right effect. I want to go for a run NOW, but the plan says rest-a-day. Healthy dinner tonight and already for run tomorrow - watch out for Week 1 Run 2 Blog


Great start, Mark! It might be an idea to take some measurements now as a lot of folk on here find they lose inches before they lose weight. Good luck and, hey, who said a 44 year old can't be an Adonis! :)


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