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Week 1 R2 completed

Did run one on Saturday with our local group and did run two yesterday though this time on my own. Was wondering what a solo run would be like compared to being with the group. I think it seemed a bit easier being with the group but the Park was quiet yesterday and I still enjoyed the run. A different dynamic but still enjoyable. Is it just me but since starting running I seem to be hungry more often?

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Well done.

It can be easier with others, it depends on the pace that you settle on.

Being hungry after a run is quite common, but be aware that you are only burning a handful of calories on each workout, so don't change your diet, unless you want to gain weight.

This guide may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.


Many thanks much appreciated - I do want to lose some weight not put it on so should be careful


Yes, you might feel hungrier but don't eat more. You're not running far enough yet to warrant extra grub and you don't want to gain weight from C25k

You can have a run snack once you start running over an hour

Running solo is lovely. I do it all the time. Alone with your thoughts and the open road or trail. Lovely !

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Thanks for your reply and yes I must resist temptation to eat as want to lose a bit of weight as well - trouble is I find snack bars full of sugar which I need to avoid - thanks again and all the best with your runs


You can get into good habits 🙂. i make my own running snacks which generally swap dates and dried fruit for sugar. They are very lush though 😋 If you only eat a snack when you have earned it things balance out and you won’t gain weight


Thanks that’s a good idea - I hadn’t thought of that


I have a WW recipe for stem ginger flapjack which uses mashed nana and agave syrup, oats and dark choc etc etc. To try out next

You can make raw ones which just need chilling. I make some espresso cocoa ones for longer runs you can get lots of recipes off the internet I think that one comes from a blog called sea salt with food. Something like that 😋


Excellent thanks will look into it


Hi. Well done you. I’ve just done week 2 run 1 and I felt hungrier too. I have had to put myself in check a few times!


Thanks and glad it’s not just me - got week 1 r 3 this afternoon and week 2 r 1 on Saturday so must not overeat - thanks again and all the best on your progress


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