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Week 1, Run 1

I got up the usual time (6am) and in my eagerness to get out there I didn't have a breakfast.


I didn't want to go running in the nearby field or the greenway because it was dark, so I went running around a couple of streets near the town centre. It was brighter and busy so it relaxed me - no safety dangers here. Half-way through, I was panting :( Didn't realise it would be as hard as it was bit I use the 'Get Running' app which was a great help. The woman's little encouragements were what kept me going.

I'm making it sound as if I just ran a big marathon aren't I??? Haha.

Towards the end I felt dizzy and really sick and this was due to my not having breakfast. Never again!! I had a half boiled egg and cereal and some tea as soon as I got back home and I was right as rain.

I think I was more motivated yesterday, which is not to say I feel like giving up because I really don't! I am going to get this done!

One more thing, if any lovely person is reading - I mentioned in my last post that I'm getting married soon. I think it would be fab if I completed the course before then. Is it possible to do it within 6 weeks rather than 9 - if I miss just one day a week?? Is that a healthy way??

Thankyou for reading :)

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'Lovely person' speaking!: I suspect that it depends enormously on how fit you are before you start the programme (and maybe how old you are - being younger probably does help!) I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it in less than the full 9 weeks - and I won't be at all surprised if it takes me a bit longer.

But if you're already fairly fit (and eat before you run!) maybe it is possible to cut it shorter? Beware though - you are much more likely to end up with injuries if you rush it, and you really don't want to be hobbling for your wedding! And 6 weeks of this programme, at a pace that suits your body, will definitely make you feel fitter and quite possibly look fitter, even if you haven't got right through the whole programme.


Thanks for the advice, lovely person :) You're right - even if I follow out the plan exactly as it is it'll be an improvement from now. Stamina is the key thing and not speed. Thank you :)


Congratulations on starting! Deciding to go out on the first run is the hardest part; at least it was for me.

General advice I would give:

1. Don't worry that it all seems hard. Seemingly it does for everyone. Unless you're actually consistently failing runs (you almost certainly won't) then keep at it, and if that happens, just repeat the last week you can do.

2. Slow down! People have an idea of how fast 'running' is and it's usually too fast if they've not had any practice.

3. imo, don't try to do the program in less than 9 weeks. It's not impossible, depending on your fitness. But if you rush ahead there's a bigger chance you'll struggle, get frustrated, and give up. Also there isn't really anything special about the graduation week in the scheme of things; it takes only a week or two to improve your fitness a little, and longer than 9 weeks to get /really/ good. So see C25k more as the start of a lifestyle change rather than an end in itself.


Thankyou! That's really helpful - I think, as most people have recommended, that I will just follow the plan as it is.


Hi. Well done on getting started - that's the hardest bit!

I'm not sure about doingthe plan in just six weeks but I did it in seven - my story of a fat old git made good is at

Hope that helps


Ooh, I will read this soon! Thanks for the comment!


NO don't skip some weeks this programme is designed to build you up and not get injuries you must have a rest day between each run unless your a regular runner. I graduated in oct and still only run every other day three times a week. I managed to miss three runs as my iPod skipped but got an injury was it due to not following the programme .... Not sure but skip sessions at your peril, even now I still juggle with the programme I run 5 k and cycle 5 k three times a week and have just put in weights too but I have done all this very slowly. However I still do not consider myself a runner ! GOOD LUCK


Thanks, and congrats to you for getting this far! Ideally I would like to work out as much as you do, so definitely following your advice and following the 9 week plan :)


I agree, don't shorten the programme. and definitely don't miss any rest days. However if you're able to, you can go through it one day running, one day rest etc instead of three runs a week. I did that and it was fine.

By the time you get to the last few weeks you're doing runs of 25, 28 and 30 minutes, and presumably you want to continue running after completing the prog, so it doesn't really make much difference if you're at week 7 in 6 weeks or week 9 - or am I missing something?

Happy running anyway, and always listen to your body! :-)


Yes, exactly, 25 minutes of running is much better than anything I can do now haha. You weren't missing anything much - just that my fiance's family live in Dubai and I so I am going abroad for three weeks to visit them right after I get married. I was a little worried about that three week break. But, like you say, it is a lifestyle change so a break shouldn't hinder anything as long as I continue afterwards.

Thanks for the advice :)


Someone who had just started the programme and lives in Dubai blogged about it just yesterday or the day before. She does two treadmill runs and one outside run a week so I guess it's possible.

Here it is:


Thanks for the link :) I guess anything is possible once you put your mind to it, I have no excuses not to follow it out in those three weeks.


I echo some of the other comments, do the program as designed and not try to rush it. I found with the longer runs of the later weeks I REALLY needed the recovery days. Even if your body does not feel it, your muscles do need time to recover. Trying to rush the program can cause injury and then you will even be further behind. Great job in getting out there early in the morning...I prefer my ZZZZZZZZ's! So I admire anyone getting out in the cold and early morning hours. Gayle


I prefer the Z's too, but when I come home after work I'd much rather lounge about then! Thanks for the advice Oh Wise One, I will indeed follow the plan out as is. My legs are a bit sore already so that's reason eneough for me to take my rest days :)


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