Running at last?

Ok so I graduated and went on to use the runkeeper app to go on to do 10k, I started that last week. Yesterday the plan said to run 4 miles. I did, very very very slowly ( lol, it took me near on an hour!!! ..the shame!! ) anyway...something happened during my last mile and a half/2 miles. I started running with barely any effort, it was truly stunning! I've always struggled with the first 10 mins or so of a run and pick up after that a bit but this was something else completely. I'm really hoping this wasn't a one off feeling because it was great. I'm wondering now if I push myself to run faster at the beginning of my runs rather than my very wary slow starts if I will reach this feeling quicker or will I just fail? Now I'm running longer distances ( though 4 miles I'm sure to most won't be considered long lol ) I would love to reach that feeling quicker than 2 miles in, any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!


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  • Yay! You found the happy place! I think as I get fitter, it comes sooner and better - don't worry about speeding up at the start unless you want to, just keep going.

  • That's awesome to hear, I think I will stick to my wee snails pace to start off with for now, whenever I attempt a new longer distance I go slower than ever to start just to give myself the best possible chance of finishing it! X

  • I don't get that feeling all of the time but it's amazing when it happens. For me it always takes a long time to fall into place. You could try a faster run, but you might run out of steam. Experiment a bit - I find some routes let me get in the zone quicker than others.

  • This was actually a new route to me and involved a few hills, not huge ones but certainly 3 or 4 noticeable gradients. I'm thinking they may have helped now even though I've avoided hills as much as I could before! X

  • It sounds as if you've found "the zone". Lovely. Just do what suits you but running fast at the beginning is hard to sustain but if it works for you then keep at it. You're doing great.

  • Amazing isn't it. After all the struggle with c25k suddenly it all comes together and you feel like you can run forever. I've just done a practice 10k and I got the same feeling about a third of the way in. Some runs it just happens and some you just have to work the whole time. Lovely while it lasts.

  • Hiya, my advice would be to continue with the slower starts.

    And then you will find that you naturally get quicker and/or can go further, without even really trying - magic!

    Keep up the good work :)

  • I'm glad you guys have found it too! I'm so happy for all of us LOL that's real cheesy but sincerely I am, I feel like my life has changed so much through just this one thing. I've lost 2 stone ( still got 4 to go mind ) but more so than that I have weaned myself off of medication I had been put n for depression/anxiety...running really has helped my mood. I don't know if it's all in the mind or not but regardless it's helped so much. Good on you people!

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