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5K at last

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Post c25k run 2 and the magic figure was hit. I only went for a short run as it was freezing and I was a bit tired but half way through I was loving life again after a few mediocre runs lately. Got to 25 minutes on my doorstep and thought "I'm doing this here and now" so lapped the street about 4 times to get over the line.

31.58 I'm pretty pleased with that considering when I started this I was blowing after 1 minute of running and I'm still carrying more than my share of timber.

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Excellent work ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brilliantly done and what a good time too, have you tried park run I did my second today it’s great

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Cuig1975 in reply to Cuig1975

And lots of timber also

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Great job and a brilliant time for your first 5k... congratulations

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Great time for your first 5K. Well done.

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