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Running after graduation worries. Video blog

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Hello all runners old and new,

As the title says. I've been reading a lot of posts about "what do I do after I've graduated and I don't have any structure without Laura etc".

Well fear and worry NO more.

Most of you may of heard of audio fuels C25K+. Well I've started this and all I can say is its brilliant.

Laura is back with us again but this time she gives more advice about how to deport yourself whilst running, but the best thing is she starts training you to run to a beat 1234,1234,1234.

This is in time with the tunes and gives you a pace of between 150 - 160 steps a minute.

It's a big jump like going from high school to university but I'm finding it so much easier after completing the basic course.

My breathing is more controlled, my pacing is more controlled and I feel like I could do more easier than ever.

As with all training thou I've disciplined myself to the actual program and fingers crossed no injuries yet :).

I covered about 4 miles last night. My tomtom cardio runner was bleeping and vibrating like mad when I hit 5K which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling so I'm now doing about 4 miles in 40 minutes :) strava also gave me a good result on my iPhone so all these help to keep me motivated.

One big down side thou, I find as I'm walking now I'm saying 1234,1234 in my head lol.

Anyway enough of me rambling on take a look at my vid. I'll never be Tom Cruise or Hugh Grant but hopefully it has given you post grads and soon to be post grads an idea of where to go after the C25K

Running I'm loving every minute I'm pounding the grounding :)

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Found my way here after reading your reply to my question. I have downloaded the podcast all ready for tomorrow morning. Thanks again for the advice!

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Jase44Graduate in reply to Jenny-14

That's ok Jenny. Like I said I find it really good and I've improved already with the structure of this podcast. Good luck and happy running J

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Nice vlog Jase , looking good there ... glad you found they work well for you :D

Jase44 profile image
Jase44Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

They are excellent and give me another incentive to go out and run. Really loving this running thing now just need to inc speed but I'm taking it slowly so the lungs can handle it hopefully :) J

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Jase44

My theory has been I/we can often run faster than our brains or the gremlins want us to . Running is such an amazing thing Jase ,couldn't agree more :D

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Jase44Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

I will agree with u there rob

Thanks - I definitely agree about the C25k+ podcasts.

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Jase44Graduate in reply to ActonHighStreet

It's great isn't it acton. Enjoy, it really does give you the incentive which is what I need with my full on job. That was the first run I've done in the light apart from my graduation run lol

Toonlou24 profile image

1234, 1234, hee hee!!! You'll be dreaming it!!! I downloaded all these then never used them. As I usually run in the dark I was always a bit worried about listening. Like to hear what's around me. Maybe I should try one ear!!! Great post and video though!!!

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Jase44Graduate in reply to Toonlou24

I use my iPhone on ext speaker works great. Also if it's not busy and your running around housing estates top tip run down the middle of the road you then have time to react if someone jumps out on you :) even I wouldn't park run in the dark :) J

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Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Jase44

Good tips!! Thanks!! I got a bit spooked a couple of weeks ago. Kept running past the same bloke and thought it was weird! I ran in middle of road then and actually being spooked was good for my speed too!!! not my nerves though!!!

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Jase44Graduate in reply to Toonlou24

I'll be eating my tea by numbers as well at this rate. 1 pea 2 pea 3 pea 4 lol

Toonlou24 profile image
Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Jase44

You need some of that number spaghetti stuff!!!!

Vixchile profile image

Like the vid blog, I also downloaded the audio fuel first hour which helped me when doing my 10km training

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Jase44Graduate in reply to Vixchile

Yes I'm hoping that my time will get quicker with this pacing training. 1234,1234,1234 lol.

Curlygurly2 profile image

I love those podcasts, I'm always boring on about them here! I do one or other of them most weeks, I find them hard at the time, but next time out I can really feel the difference, I feel much lighter on my feet and as if I could run all day. Great vlog Jase xx

Jase44 profile image
Jase44Graduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Thx curlygurly2 I thought I'd blog it's so many people were asking what to do Nxt. I think it's good. I will be using them loads :) J

Hi jase! :) great to hear you're doing so well :) know what you mean about the 1234 chant! Mind you I haven't used those for a while, you might just have inspired me back in their direction! Keep on going twin, you'll be at 10k in no time at this rate! :)

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Jase44Graduate in reply to aliboo70

Hi Ali good to hear from you. So glad I can still inspire such a graceful twin :) yes the running is coming on and I'm starting Shaun T's T25 training Monday god I must be mad lol. Not good enough for his insanity yet :) keep up the good running girl :) J

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aliboo70 in reply to Jase44

Graceful? you haven't seen me run! will have to look up Shaun T T25! ........................just have ! :X wow it looks full on! i need a bigger house to do indoor work outs! Did run back from work weds, got my fastest times on 2 stretches of circuit which was good, and out on wk 2 of my hill challenge tom evening! Not doing as much as i should but hoping to get back in the swing of it this week, calf still a bit sore on and off but not TOO bad really!

Good luck with your INSANE workouts, no pain no gain!! Are you doing the before and after photos to get your "nailed it" tshirt?!

happy saturday Jase! :)

Jase44 profile image
Jase44Graduate in reply to aliboo70

I sure am. Get a roller for your sore muscles they are fantastic it's like acupuncture. It hurts when your doing it but my legs feel great once I done the roller on them have a good weekend yourself twinny :) J

Hi, where do u find the c25k+? Is it an app the same as c25k? I can't find it on my app list and want it ready for when I graduate. Thanks

Jase44 profile image
Jase44Graduate in reply to Deb1510

Yes it's an app. If you have an iPhone go into podcasts or download podcast then search for couch to 5K+ or search NHS and it will come up. There are about 6 different ones for speed and stamina. Hope this helps :) J

ViaM profile image
ViaMGraduate in reply to Deb1510

Here they are :-)

clareabell profile image

I just luv your videos keep them up :)

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