I guess I don't run as slow as a tortoise, after all

I guess I don't run as slow as a tortoise, after all

Yesterday, while on my WK7 R3 run, I passed a tortoise that was on the side of the trail. I had to slow down and take a photo just to prove that I actually do run faster than a tortoise. Well, that's the story I am sticking to, because the little creature wasn't moving so it is possible that it could have still left me in its dust in a foot race.

My run was quite good, and I was able to run 3 miles up and 3 miles back with just a five minute warm-down/up walk break in between. I am not sure how long it took me, but it was at least 35 minutes for each run. At this point my focus is on running distance and not duration or speed. My new goal for the upcoming three sessions is to reach where the trail intersects with a road. I believe that mark is around 3.5 miles. Hopefully, during the last three sessions of the program I will be able to reach 4 miles. All while going at a slightly faster than tortoise pace.


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  • Did you rescue Miss Tortoise?

  • No, there was no need to rescue it. It was in its natural environment, and on the side of the paved trail in a grassy area. So, it was very unlikely that anyone would trample it.

  • Might be quite valuable.

  • Tortoises are pretty prevalent in my area. A few weeks ago one was walking in my driveway as I was getting ready to go to the trail for my run. My husband asked me if I wanted it to keep me company. Although I was quite amused I just moved it out of the driveway, and went alone.

  • Its a good job I didn't see it today because it would have definitely beat me!

  • Love it! And well done you for running anywhere that is natural habitat for a tortoise, must be hot! (Wasn't Lonesome George was it? That would be cheating)

  • Yes, it is very hot in Atlanta. This passed week has been in the mid-90sF to low-100sF (35C-41C) in the afternoons. I go early in the morning, and even then the temperature is just bearable. Thankfully, all of the mature trees give some respite from the sun, but I still have to carry a cloth to wipe the sweat from my eyes.

    I just googled Lonesome George, and he died a couple of weeks ago, didn't he?

  • Yes, we can all run faster than him now sadly.

  • doh! Why do I think everyone is in England!

    Its illegal to imply them here I beleive.

  • Oh, I fooled you, because I didn't spell in that funny peculiar American way. I should have written something like, I realize that this is my favorite program. That's a dead giveaway.

  • Not necessarily - we may just have assumed you are young and learnt to spell via Microsoft spell check! Great that this programme is 'going international'!!

  • Funny thing is how times have changed so quickly. I go to the UK regularly, because my BFF lives in St. Albans. When I first started visiting there in the 90s, people would be intrigued by my accent; sometimes asking me to repeat what I said, because they couldn't quite catch on. Nowadays, with so many American shows on Sky TV, no one asks me what am I talking about anymore. In fact, I am finding that because of the Internet more and more slang and colloquialisms are becoming international, too.

    BTW, I plan to be over the pond next April to celebrate my 50th birthday (that means I grew up using a dictionary and thesaurus off of the shelf). I will be sure to post when I am coming so maybe I can meet some people from this community, and go for a run.

  • What is frightening is when English actors do a series in the States and we comment on how terrible their regional American accent is! Great idea for a run.

  • Wow! How can you run in that heat?

    I`m in Scotland and 22C is what I`d call a hot day :)

    My last run (36 minutes) temperature was around 17/18C and I found it hard.

    Only tortoise was me.

  • I get up early in the morning to run in order to avoid such heat. It is still quite hot, it was around 76F (24C) this morning at 6:30. I usually sweat out a couple of pounds during each run.

    I am from San Francisco, and the temperature is very similar to the UK. This is my first summer here in Atlanta, and it is definitely something that I am not used to. Other than the summer weather, my lifestyle has improved tremendously since the move though.

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