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Week 1 Completed!

I have just finished w1r3 and although it's only a small achievement I am really proud of myself. I have managed to do all the runs. My muscle's are complaining about it though as my lower leg muscles seem very tight as I run but I am sure they will loosen up as I go and I am taking it steady so as not to stress them too much or cause damage.

I ran somewhere I thought would be quiet but ended up being lots of dog walkers, wasn't a problem till I saw a client. First I was embarrassed but then thought what the hell at least I am doing something!!!!!

Week 2 starts on Wednesday eek!

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Well done! I am beginning week 6 tonight and still not brave enough to go out yet. Your legs will ache but that is because you are building muscle. Just make sure you running shoes fit correctly. I also use a roller as I get really tight calf muscles and that helps. This programme is one of the most amazing things I have ever done (not the easiest) keep at it!


Well done. Give yourself a pat on the back. Thats the first hurdle over with. You will feel the benefits as the weeks get on. Well done again. ☺😊


Its not a small achievement! Its a huuge achievement! You have found the c25k plan, you have decided to start it, and you have done so! Summing up the motivation to start and get through the first week and still feel keen at the end of it is the toughest test of the programme so well done you.

Your leg muscles will certainly loosen up as you progress, which is why it is important to take the rest days as advised and not skip them x

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Well done! Onwards and upwards!

Are you stretching out after your runs? Helps with the muscle aches and stiffness.


Thank you everyone for your replies and encouragement :-)


I'm one run behind you, which is tomorrow night and I know what you mean about aching! I also walked 5k with work yesterday and my feet were really sore last night! Today they are better and I'm looking forward to finishing the week off. Slow and steady wins the race......


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