Soooooo week 1 COMPLETED!

I never in a billion years thought I'd ever RUN 8 minutes 3 times in 1 week... In public! I'm so proud of myself.

Run 2 wasn't so great as you might have read. But i went the same way around my loop. So run 1 was up a steady hill which I Smashed! And run 7 (my killer) was up a steep hill and I ran the whole way up. Just as I got to the top of it I had to start walking but just as I did "you can start walking" booooooom!!! (Also helped that LMFAO "sexy and you know it" was playing! Hahah)

Here's to Friday and week *two* thank you to everyone for the support!!

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  • Well done! I try to avoid hills at all costs! Fantastic that you're getting up them in week 1! Good luck for week 2, you can do it!

  • Well done for doing week one!!! It gets harder but it's all do-able and it gets more addictive. Hills are not essential by the way.....don't make it too hard, the point of this is to get you to run for 30 minutes :)

  • I wish I could avoid them but no matter where I go I have to go up and down them. I take them slow and believe it or not but when I make it up the hill it keeps me motivated for the next run kinda like "well I've done the hard part this flat is easy!" Lol

  • Well done - plenty of running adventures to look forward to.

  • Yay! More progress! Well done and enjoy your next run :-)

  • You're rightly proud of what you're doing now. Think of how you'll feel when you're running 5k in a few weeks and not aching afterwards!

    You will!

  • Great stuff! On to week 2! :-)

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