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Week 1 completed phew!

Have completed Week 1 and thought I coped quite well - although all days were completed at the gym as:

1. not confident enough yet to run outside

2. worried I may trip on some uneven pavement!

However my app now won't let me access Week 2 asking for me to log in which when I try does nothing, anybody else have any problems with their app. I have a Samsung 5.

thank you

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I got very frustrated with the app, which kept hanging up and refusing me to change to other runs. I switched to the podcasts, and find them much better.

Well done for completing week 1 - and get outside, it's brilliant running outdoors. Don't worry about other people. In a few weeks you'll look like any other runner.

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Hi Steve thanks for encouragement - how would I download a podcast?

thank you!


You can download the podcasts directly from your browser here: or from iTunes here:


A lot of people do run on the treadmill, especially to begin with, but it's good to at least do one run outside to get the different feeling of it and see if you like it? Perhaps you'll feel more like doing this later on, and in the meantime it sounds like you're getting on well with the treadmill. I haven't tripped yet on any of my outdoor runs and I'm a notorious tripper, although I know some people have done - if you plan a good route you would probably be fine. Perhaps walk round a possible route before your next run to test it out (check for hazards etc!). Regarding confidence, a lot of us definitely felt self-conscious when we started running. There are ways to combat this, such as getting some really excellent running gear, exorcising the self-consiousness demons, or going out very early before people are up yet (that's what I do) :)

I second the podcast suggestion - I switched from the app to the podcast around the second week - you get much more by way of encouragement and advice and also cheesy music of course. (about halfway down the page for the podcasts)


I found a better link for podcasts here: - I stream mine through my phone (windows phone) - do you have a podcasts programme on your samsung?


I downloaded podcast addict app for android and searched for the nhs podcasts threw the app on my Samsung phone, they work fine too, congrats on your first week completion too won't be long till you find the confidence to take it outside, maybe even take part in a fun run, keep up the good work look forward to your future posts


The podcasts are definitely the way to go: all that 'wonderful' music and the lovely Laura offering advice and encouragement. Enjoy :)


Podcasts for me too, definitely.


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