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Just completed week 1

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I have never done anything like this before, am really happy that I completed week 1, however it was hard, I would like some advice should I progress to week 2, or do week 1 again to build up some stamina, it would be great not to feel sick after completing a run! Any advise would be appreciated

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Firstly congratulations on being awesome enough to do the first week! When I started I went through repeating runs, weeks etc to get perfection. Now I say if you could physically complete it without walking on the run bits, move on. Its amazing what you find you can do. The programme is so cleverly thought out, its more a mental challenge than a physical one! Well done on your progress so far, you are on your way!

Many thanks for the advice, I will proceed to the next level. K

Congratulations on completing the week. I would say that as long as you finished the runs, then you should move on to the next one. The progression looks difficult, but you will probably surprise yourself as to what your body can achieve. As for feeling sick, I would recommend not running for at least a couple of hours after eating. Also stretching after your runs is crucial to avoid injury and aching muscles (well, you can't avoid the latter totally). There are good stretches on the NHS Choices page.

Keep running, keep posting.

Hi thanks for that, yes I will try the next level. K

Yes, progress. I run before I eat, but sometimes I still feel a little bit sick. It will amaze you how much progress you are making - running for one or two minutes at a time will become soooo easy. I'm on week 6 and never thought I would get this far. I'm 55 and hated all things physical. Keep going!

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Congrats on finishing week 1! I would say to go ahead and move onto Week 2 instead of repeating. One of the best things with this program is that it pushes you just further than you think is possible. Then, when you do it, the visible progress you can see yourself making is what spurs you on to continue. Plus, you can always slow your run down just a bit. You might think you're already going slow, but I was and then I slowed down again and found it that bit more bearable!

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I will progress onto week 2, and just to make sure I do it, I have downloaded up to week 7 on my MP3. Yikes!

Firstly, well done for doing week 1 ~ you have done the hard bit by getting out the front door and starting, far more than many people manage. You should be very proud of yourself.

I would go straight to week 2 and try it. If it doesn't work for you; go back to W1. Nothing ventured ~ nothing gained!

How long do you eat before running, and how much? I find a banana half and hour or so before running is all that is needed, along with making sure I am hydrayed. Running after a big meal, even an hour or two, is a bad idea.

Happy running.

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I was doubled over during week one, struggling. I carried on to week 2, and have now just completed week 5!! You will find that as your fitness improves, it gets so much easier!

Well done on week 1

If you complete the task then move on its all progress

Just slow down even if you think your going slow your not walking

I still have people look at me like I need an ambulance after 5 weeks

So please just keep going

Brilliant you made me laught out loud, at least I am not the only one looking like they are about to collapse!

Your comment just made me laugh too - I think we all feel so self conscious about how unfit we must look as we are plodding along, but so good to know I'm not alone in getting out there with a big red face and wobbly bits!

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Just finished run 3 of week 1 - first time with the podcast! Much better. Looking forward to week 2 but hiding in a hat. Not run since school days (looong time ago). Great to read so many success stories on these posts. At moment cannot imagine running for 30 minutes, but, one week at a time, just maybe.

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