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HM Training W4 R3 = 16km

Last night it was Chile vs. Bolivia in Copa America, got to bed at quarter to 1.

Woke up feeling sluggish but my partner made me porridge and I knew i had to give it ago.

The first 5km were awful, my breathing wouldn't settle and my knee was starting to niggle. Then as I crossed the bridge the knee niggle disappeared and my breathing settled. I don't know if was psychological or the fact I was now heading down hill.

I managed to get to park without too much trouble and actually felt OK to tackle the hill after 8.42KM. It actually wasn't as awful as i thought. At 14.5KM i was getting tired and glad i only had 1.5km left.

Here's my run if anyone fancies having a look.


I forgot how heavy it is to carry water but how very necessary it was. Running conditions were lovely as it was actually warm but not too hot.

I didn't feel awful afterwards, went to park for a wonder around but now I feel tired.

The website was suppose to open today for the HM race but it hasn't so I will need to sign up next week. I am going to give it a go!!

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Well done for getting over the late night - That's an amazing speed - especially with the hills! When is the HM?


It was late enough for me, I am not very good with late nights. I can't party until 4-6am like the locals do!! The HM is 9th August but i have one booked for october too.

Thank you!!! I really get the impression this will be a very fast race but I will be giving it ago and doing my own thing!!


Brilliant Vixchile you got the hill! That's an amazing distance so well done to you. I can't access your link for some reason.


Sorry,I am not sure about the link.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am going to enter as soon as the website opens as I managed the 16km and the hill. I have just over a month to get More training in.


That's more than I run in a week!

Well done for sticking with it.


Thank you, it amazing I felt all week like I did when I was doing c25km and waiting for the long run.


Very nice run Vix and that is pretty quick. That is one nasty hill!

I have been told that I am going to Chile for a holiday in October.


Well it's ok but not as speedy as the road runners here.

FAB!!! You will love it!! There is so much to see and do, where are you going. If you need any recommendations/tips please contact me and I will happy to share what We have learnt. I am very excited for you, it's a great country!!


Thanks for that. We tend to keep things flexible when travelling but the intention is to do some exploring the region between Santiago and Bahia Inglesa/Caldera.


It's the best way when you travel. we haven't been to the north of chile yet we are leaving that until next year to combine with Bolivia. You will have a fab time!!


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