10K ticked off my list W4 R3 Complete

OH MY GOD....Where do I start.

Arrived an hour early at the 10K charity to park etc. There were lots of people dotted around in yellow. Scanned the crowds for any serious competors but did not really see any. Well.... so I thought ;-) I was good and done some stretches at the start line as I knew my regular C25K training was not goiong to be like this 10K.

We got to the front as we guessed this would be the best place to start, as there were around 500+ people taking part mostly very fit long distant walkers.

The only real (so badly wanting to win 3 girls) dressed for a night out with handbags ha ha were waiting at the start line eager to get going. Both my friend and I laughed, both saying we will get them out the way around the half way mark or near the end. (was never intential to be so competetive) as we only really wanted to train W4 R3 and walk the rest.

Well the walk begins, ribbon cut, off we go. The brisk (nearly breaking into a jog) warm up started badly not like my usual c25k training.

The three girls go running off. It was all uphill so decided not to jog but just to walk but as I say it was nearly a jog so became tired very early on. My breathing was all over the place as the only concentration I had was seeing where the three girls were. ha ha. I tried to keep focused and concentrate on my breathing (deep breathes exhaling through my stomach. This just didnt work. I done the whole C25K training until the last 5 minutes of jogging I could not get my breathing right and had to stop 2 and a half minutes through. I tried to recover, it seemed to take forever and those girls only two by this point as one quit and took a cut through route back to start line was getting further and further away. (I was impressed with those girls) as I just couldnt see them lasting.

Once I had kind of recovered, I decided to push on, with no timing intervals but just when I felt I could run and stop back to walk when I tired. I manged to do the rest of the 10k like this after the dreaded 2 and a half minutes of the c25k that I could not finish. I did beat myself up over this a little but kept going and finished 7th with a time of 1 hour and 17 minutes.

My legs were very sore when I finished, I could not stand still, they ached so bad from my toes up to my knees. Once home, hobbling I might add. I elevated and ice packed my left ankle and top of my foot which was giving me the most achy pain as my right leg recovered.

The morning after.... I feel fine, a little achy still in the left ankle and foot but nothing major. So a day of rest and maybe some lightv excersise later to stretch those aching muscles and bones ;-)


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10 Replies

  • Well done & best to at least go for a walk today.

  • Thank you, yes I am going to rest then walk the dog for an hour ;-) see if it helps

  • Excellent Belinda. Make sure you rest up today

  • Thank you GF, I will indeed rest today. My left ankle and foot need it ;-)

  • Well done! Rest up !

  • Thank you Kelly ;-)

  • Well done Bee ! You did it, lots of rest and lots of pampering today for you , you have earned it ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppy... I've been laid on the sofa best part of day with ice on my ankle and foot... Plus a nice KFC I just couldn't resist after healthy eating for so long ;-) x x

  • Wow - 7th - that is fantastic - well done! Sounds like you deserve that KFC. Hope your ankle/foot are feeling OK.

  • Thank you RK, that KFC was just what I needed ;-) did ice and elevated my leg so hopefully that will be enough for W5 R1 on Tuesday ;-)

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