Couch to 5K

First 5k Run

Good Morning Everyone,

Well I've kind cheated on the last few weeks of the C25K....

This weekend I really wanted to see how far I could run, so decided to try and complete a 5k run. Well.....I only bloomin' done it! Ran it in 37mins and 53 seconds with a pace of 12 mins 12 secs.

I'm well chuffed with myself. The last mile was difficult and had to have a few 10 sec walking stretches, but the main thing is I made it and in a quite decent time I think.

Love Steph xx

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Well done for keeping going. Nothing wrong with taking a short breather along the way. Hopefully it will help keep you motivated and enjoying your running, and help you to measure your progress if you are looking to run for longer or faster, whichever is your target.


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