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Consolidation run 4 and my first 5K!


This evening I (reluctantly) put my running trainers on, stuck my headphones in and headed out for a run. I planned on doing 30 minutes and chose a route which was downhill to start followed by a mostly flat route with few uphill sections as I just wasn't in the mood so thought a route change would be more exciting. Well, I felt pretty good and decided to challenge myself to run up a couple of fairly steep, long hills. Once I did them I then thought that I might as well run until I had reached 5K which I reckoned would take around 38 mins and it would mean I would be able to post my time and feature on a local virtual park run page. The longest I've run so far is 32 minutes so an extra 6 minutes would be a challenge both physically and mentally.

I ONLY WENT AND DID IT! 38 minutes 20 seconds for my first 5K of non-stop running. I am immensely proud of myself for persevering and I think I actually enjoyed it, although tomorrow I might pay for the extra 6 minutes!

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Well done, 👍 I often find the runs I didn’t really feel like doing turn out to be the best ones for some reason....your next goal can be to continue to run 5k and see if you can gradually improve your helps to have a target / challenge

RUNN3RGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Yes my new challenge is to gradually improve on my speed and maybe even one day attempt to train for a 10K


Congratulations! Sometimes it's the runs for which we have no expectations that turn out to be the most satisfying. 👍

RUNN3RGraduate in reply to Speedy60

I have definitely found this to be the case. I also find my mental wellbeing to be so much better immediately after and the day after a run. I'm so happy I started this the day before we went into lockdown as it's given me something to relax with after work.

Speedy60Graduate in reply to RUNN3R

Definitely good for mental health. I've had my share of down days through all this, but they've never been my running days.


Hooray! This is my favourite thing about finishing the programme - on the days you feel good then you can use it 😊


Thats great to hear. I have done 2 consolidation runs. Last time I really focused on a steady pace and at 30 minutes felt I could have kept going. Had some knee issues during my journey so am anxious about pushing myself to quickly. A couple more weeks and I hope to have the confidence 😌

RUNN3RGraduate in reply to Tig_ger

Just keep taking it steady and you'll get there, the last thing you want is to push too hard and put yourself back. Keep enjoying it!


Well done, thats amazing going!


Thats amazing, it really is. You’re what we are all aiming for!

Knightrider_28Graduate in reply to Sabrina77

Hi, Thanks for you comment much rewarding, when i started this 10 weeks ago, i couldn't even jog for 30 secs without being absolutely puffed out,,, follow the App its Brilliant.

Sabrina77Graduate in reply to Knightrider_28

Im the same but last time i felt good and not completely puffed out, i did slow down quite a bit so will carry on that way and built up a faster paste once ct5k completed (long way off), this evening i shall do W3R3. I got new trainers which give me motivation to run, new shorts too (any little helps right 😉)

Knightrider_28Graduate in reply to Sabrina77

Hi , great attitude and new gear you can do this, follow the app, the warm up and cool downs really help, and your body tells us when we should drop a gear or two, main thing keep moving those legs.😊😷🦵

RUNN3RGraduate in reply to Sabrina77

Thank you that's really nice to hear, one day you'll be doing your consolidation runs too and I hope someone says the same to you! Enjoy your new running gear and all the best for the remaining time on couch to 5k!


Fantastic congratulations 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️😎

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