Run of Colours: Check! (first official 5k run)

Run of Colours: Check! (first official 5k run)

I did it! I did my first official 5k charity run yesterday! And I liked it :D

The route:

It was ok but a bit boring as it was more or less only straight without any curves. Nevertheless, it had some nice aspects as it was along the river Rhine, with a perfect view of Cologne Cathedral and passed a chocolat museum. The gremlins on my shoulders told me it would be easier to stop running and take a bath in the huge chocolat fountain in the museum but I kept running ;) I didnt like that about half of the track was cobble stone pavement which is not easy to run on. A woman next to me stumbled but fortunately didn't fall. There was a second race yesterday (10k) and it had rained between the two races so a friend of mine doing the 10k told me it was very slippery on the cobble stone pavement.

The runners:

I've never run with any single person before. Nor have I run with a few hundred runners. Well, I did yesterday. In total about 2,000 runners signed up for the two races but I don't know how many were in the 5k race. As far as I can say: many!

I had feared to be slowed down by slower runners or, even worse, to adjust to the pace of a faster runner which would have made me unable to run continously. I went in my own pace and apparently I'm not that slow and I'm also in a good shape. I was overtaken a lot but also overtook many other runners. And, which I like even more, I was able to run for the whole distance while the first very fit looking runners had to walk after only five minutes. Thank you very much, Couch to 5k!

Some of the runners wore costumes so among my fellow runneres were two "Eau de Cologne (4711)-men" and a fat princess.

It was a charity run to gather money against AIDS. Many actors from daily soaps or TV shows participated in the run so there were some "celebrities" among the runners.

The audience:

Although the route had some weak points as the cobble stone pavement, it was great for the audience. The track was a very narrow circle so the audience could easily move from one point to another without missing anything important. I also brought my very own fan club consisting of my BF and his parents. They took photos (I try to upload one or two later), cheered at all passing runners (not only me), sang "Great pretender" as one celebrity cheated (he joined the runners only a few hundred meters before the finish line...), called the rest of the audience "lame Germans" (explanation: they are Scottish but live in Germany), made party and had a great time. It was very special for me to have them watching the race. It was the first time that anyone I know has seen me running. Of course, I told them about it. But now they have the proof (not that they had needed one...). I am a runner. I did not only run in an official race but was also seen by someone I know. And I got photos of me running. It may sound ridiculous but now I feel as a real and proper runner. It's not any longer something I do on my own. I showed the public that I do run...

The time:

When I crossed the finish line I was distracted by a volunteer giving me a sunflower so I didn't see the official time at that very moment. I used my own stopwatch as well and stopped it a few seconds after the finish line so I'm pretty sure that my time was 32:30 minutes. 40 seconds slower than my PB but contemplated the mass of fellow runners and the cobble stone pavement it's still ok, I suppose.

Who would have thought I would do a charity run five and a half months ago??? I would have kept my bum on the sofa. I wouldn't have even known about the race. Well, what a difference Couch to 5K makes :)

Happy running to everyone!!!

PS: I high fived a little boy in the audience :D My first runner high five!!! I still wonder if he really wanted to be high fived... well, if he puts his arm out like this, that's the consequence ;)


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17 Replies

  • Fantastic! Well done! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

    It's such an adrenaline boost running a proper race isn't it!?

  • Thank you! Oh yes it is :D Me in a proper race still makes me smile a lot :D

  • What a lovely, lovely post! :-)

    So glad you enjoyed it - and particularly love that you high fived someone. I've done that on a run and it feels fantastic!! :-)

  • The boy I high fived wasn't running but in the audience but there was a hand so I simply high fived him ;) I hope I will have the opportunity to high five another runner (but to be honest, it probably won't happen soon... as my "family in law" stated: lame Germans ;)

  • Great, nomoresloth, you've showed the world that you are a runner. Well done.

  • Thank you :)

  • Brilliant report of the race- well done!

  • Thank you :)

  • I'm so glad it went well and you enjoyed it, I know what you mean about the whole "People have seen me run, I have the photo, I am a runner" thing :-) And a Hi five too, perfect!

  • Thank you! That's exactly what I love about this community. Of course, I was a runner before and no non-runner gets it why it is so important to me (to us?) to be seen while running for my/our status as proper runner :)

  • Love this post. Well done, and lovely photo too!

  • Thank you! I'm still waiting for the official photos of the finish line (they will be released on Wednesday night).

  • Fantastic! And what a lovely place to run. I spent five years of my childhood living near there and still miss it (well miss the food anyway!)

  • Oh really? Then you probably understand the feelings the people from Cologne have about their Cathedral (even if they are not catholics). Did you visit the chocolat museum? If you can still remember ;) May I ask where you lived (only if you want to tell, if it's too privat it's ok!)?

  • We lived at RAF Wildenrath (no longer there). Don't remember the museum. (It was in the eighties) do remember getting skirts blown above head up by the cathedral! And do timber lovely locals - if I tried tiny bit of German I got big smiles and sometimes free stuff! In that vien loved carnival !

  • It's still very windy by the cathedral ;) I avoid to wear skirts when I go there :D

    The area around Wildenrath is also a nice one! My BF's family also came to Germany because of the RAF (I think it wasn't Wildenrath but also close to Wegberg...can't remember the name) but they'll stay here after their base will be closed down completely in two or three years.

  • Well done really proud of you, hope it means you will keep trying to do some more 5Ks, time really good as well.

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