Couch to 5K

Week 8 in the bag

Finished week 8. Happy happy happy

I follow the same route. I am still at the point where I mentally measure the distance. Example: I finish the walking at that point, then the first 5 minutes is at that point...... And so on. Am I mentally straining and can't wait to get it over? I wonder. Do I see it as a chore? But I really want to do it.....

I wish I could run in the woods like Juicyju and just appreciate the surroundings without worrying about minutes and distances. I would love to disappear into another world where I just fly or bounce along? Maybe be a fairy 😄

In my neighbourhood in my morning run/shuffle I come across a few Gazelles. I envy them and wish it could be me.

My week nine will be complicated. We are going away North to chase the sun. First run will be in my neighbourhood , second run will be in the bush somewhere and final run will probably be at what we call "the back of whoop whoop" somewhere.

Expect my graduation picture to be upside down. Can't wait.

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Well done, I also completed week 8 this morning! Like you I keep to the same route and for the same reasons. I even tried doing the route backwards and didn't like it!

I think I'll get week 9 in the bag and then try to change things up a bit. Good luck with week 9!


Thank you and good luck to you too


I do the same route too! Last week W8R3, ran somewhere new which was beautiful but I got a bit anxious about finding my way back so this week ( Week 9 !!!) have reverted to my home run. Have waited 3 days before attempting run 2 cos sore knees and busy at work. Two more runs than I graduate, can't quite believe it

Well done on getting this far, where are you running, sounds beautiful ?


We are in Western Australia south of Perth and going bush camping about 2300km North. The winter is settling here so we are going North to the warmer weather. Last year we camped in a beautiful spot on the coast with just a few people around. We had our own beach with turtles and could see on the horizon whales playing nearly every day. Our next camping neighbours we could see were about 200metres away from us and were runners. They were doing 18k run along the beach more or less everyday.

I am looking forward to run there, (I mean 4 k if I am lucky! 😋 ) There is a marathon in the town of Broome in August. Along cable beach, firm packed sand. 11k 19k and 42k . The beach is very wide and we can drive on it. We will go and cheers the runners if we are still up that way. I mean I could always run 4k and hitch a lift......


I could cry I'm so jealous. xx


Don't worry about still 'feeling' the distance. Most of my runs I still do. But then you slip into that glorious moment in a run where you grab a thought and follow where it leads. After a few minutes you come back to focus on your body and you realize you've put in a good few minutes without thinking of it because your mind drifted off and you've somehow slipped into that 'meditative' state with running. I've had a very few runs where most of the run has stayed there. I can often slip into that zone for a short time after 10 minutes + of running, and I don't think I ever felt that way during the program.

Just keep it slow and you'll get there. I don't think it's something you can consciously do. But I assure you, you'll find it. I find it comes easier on longer slower runs, and on routes that aren't my 'usual'.


You are right there, Runswithdogs, it gives me hope. Thank you


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