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Week 8

Week 8 started 5 runs left to graduation. Where have those weeks gone by.

Positives that I am now running constantly for more than 25 minutes (28 and a bit today as I wanted to read a certain point to complete 8 and a half laps of the field I run in and the time was up about 50 yards short) and had my first comment in the changing shape of my body (the face more)

Negatives are that my weight has not changed since I started. Hoping that at some point that it will start to shift.

All the best for those that are on this week or getting nearer to it.

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well done... the weight loss side is tricky as it does need doing in combo with a weight loss plan... Your body shape will change though :)


Thats the annoying part. I am eating as healthily as possible. As little processed food. Porridge, lowfat yogurts, wholegrain bread, lots of fruit and vegetables, chicken and fish (tuna/mackerel) . No more than 2000 calories a day.

It will happen but I think my body needs just to get use to it.


you may find you are putting on muscle. Do your measurements and you may be surprised....


At the same place as you and like you I am really pleased to be able to run for 28 mins. I havent had any inch loss or weight loss since early weeks but I do feel that I look different and am more toned up. However I am sure I have swapped some fat for muscle so I must be in better shape really. Hoping that the regular longer runs post graduation help to shift some weight. Good luck with the last 5 runs!☺


Quite agree. Its taken me years to get to this stage so not really expecting things to change over night.

Do not want to shift loads of weight fast as it will probably go back on so aiming for just a few lbs a week. Having a technical office job means I do not get around as much as I should. Although there are days when I do over 20,000 steps not including any runs.

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Run 2 completed this morning. Whilst only using Strava to track my runs to see how calories burnt off it have given me notification of 2 new PBs.

The times have got better each week from mid June and not really trying to either.

PB pace times are 12:11 for 1 mile and 12:15 for 2 mile. Knew I was getting slightly faster as were I finished on my field has been further and further round the field over the last 3 runs.

That has given me a good boost of confidence and really looking forward to graduation.



Went on for run 3 this morning and maybe I should have stayed in bed.

At about 20 minutes I was doing OK until I took a drink of water from the bottle I had and managed to breathe in at the same time giving me a bit of a coughing fit.

I then, whilst trying to get myself back on track, put my foot on a wet branch which I slipped off.

I was then hobbling for a few minutes and decided best to stop and walk home and let it rest just in case.

I will be out again on Sunday to complete the week, just this first mishap has shaken the confidence a bit.

Might change running days to Tues, Thurs and Sat mornings as Fridays I am more sluggish than normal.


I've done that water thing too. It's horrible. But bad luck about the wet branch. It sounds as if the running gods wanted you somewhere else! But hey, you ran for 20 minutes before these things happened. Twenty minutes! Just think what the pre C25K AndyloW would have said about that! Twenty minutes is fab and loads better than no run at all. Put it behind you and forget about it. The next run will be great.


Thank you. The pre C25K would have been curled up on the ground heaving probably.

At our Thursday 'sin' night, you got to have one sometime, it was mentioned that my body shape had changed so it is working just need to carry on. Slow and steady as they say.

The other reason for changing running days might be that I am sluggish because of the beer and curry Thursday.

I will complete this week by Sunday evening.

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That's a great attitude!


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