Wk4 r1: hard but done

Well, i made it. Wk4 run1 done. I managed to maintain my regular pace of 9.5km/h run intervals for about 90% of the run tonight. I did slow down a little towards the end of the last 5minute run to make sure i finished it. Slowing down felt like a cop out but i managed to keep going.


I get home and compare my run to the last one and tonight i managed 4km in 33.16 whereas last run i did 3.69km in 33.42. That feels like some solid progress and made me feel good about the run after all. Progress :)

How did you find your wk4 r1?


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  • I did not have a watch for week 4 but from what you are saying, you are doing really well. It is a great feeling isn't it.

  • I did week 4 run 1 last night, you went much further/faster than me. It was quite tough going especially the last 5 minutes. But it felt wonderful to completed it!

  • Well done! Absolutely, quite an achievement to just make it through regardless of speed or distance. I've got pretty long legs so it takes a bit of speed to get into a decent stride on the treadmill.

    Week 4 feels like a real step up in intensity. Just need to dig in and go for it.

  • Wow thats a great time and I am way slower than that! Just take it easy and dont overdo it on the speed factor and just concentrate on completing each run as you could cause injury! Good luck!

  • Thank you! The speed is mostly down to big goofy looking long legs (im 6ft 6), it takes a bit more speed to get them into any sort of stride. I'm being super careful to avoid injury though :)

    I do occassionally get a comment in the gym from a shorter person whos running at my walking pace. Its quite funny really.

  • I did week 4, run 1 yesterday and boy did I find it hard! The last 5 minutes was a struggle, but like you, I slowed down and bit in order to finish it. I'm rather dreading the second run...especially with the forecasted heatwave this week. I looked like a beetroot yesterday when I finished. Hope you're still enjoying it as much.

  • Take it slow, i was guilty of going off like a rocket too often. Try starting your next run at the speed it took to finish your previous run and see of you can hold that speed for all run intervals. Finding a sustainable speed really helped me especially in wk5 r3's 20minute run!

  • I also tend to find the runs i am absolutely dreading are the ones that give you the biggest buzz when you push on through and finish it.

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