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Wk4 R1

Well got wk4r1 done tonight. i was very daunted when larua said id have to run 2x3 and 2x5mins . All said i managed it only just........ both 5 mins were up hill :( i gotta plan a new route for the next run. I was so chuffed that i had run for 16 mins i was like a cheshire cat smiling during all the warm down walk a total confidence boost tonight i was nearly skipping my way home weh yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so suprised how my body has adjusted to this running milarkiy, i mean wk1 and wk2 my legs and knees were very sore and i never thought id be able to continue but i slowly took my time and spent 5 mins after the wdw doing stretches and this seems to have done the trick its just my chest now i know iv worked my lungs tonight there still burning after 5 hrs i hope they feel better tomorrow.

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Wll done keep going.


just completed this run to last night and also I felt like a big cheshire cat! great feeling. Keep up the god work and well done.


I wonder what i will feel like when i have finished wk9?

Its an adictive buzz an I just love it.


Well done you, I'm doing week 4 run 1 tomorrow after work and I was really worried about it, but you've made me feel better. My legs were really sore at first but they seem to have improved. Keep going, you are doing really well.


How did you get on tonight? Hope you managed to get the 'BUZZ'


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