Will there be thunder and lightening?

According to my plan I should do week9 run3 on Saturday or Sunday, it would be perhaps fitting to do it in a thunderstorm! Yes I know all the safet stuff but do i really need to wait till Monday? Thanks for all the interesting posts, has helped keep me motivated.

If you're just starting the programme really works, I am really chuffed, I can run for 30 minutes, my stamina has improved, I've lost 9 pounds and enjoyed the run, never though I'd say that.

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  • you are scheduled a thunderstorm for the whole weekend?

  • The forecast on the Beeb has weather warnings, so it'll probably be dry sunny and warm, here's hoping

  • I am due to graduate on Saturday too! Good luck!

  • Remember that C25K is not guaranteed to make you literally faster than lightning.

  • No danger of that!

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