There and back again

But not today!

When I was recovering from my ankle injury I found several walks to do that were either way short of 5k or longer. What I'd forgotten was that I'd been avoiding a certain road because of sloping pavements and roadworks. Today I set off on W6R1 and as I was approaching the turnaround point I felt that drop in spirits at the thought of running back the way I'd come and it was also a reminder of where the gremlins came out to play last run. So I just carried on. And lovely it was too. So nice to run a different route and not only that it was 4.98k. I also achieved a PB but I'm not sure if it really counts because 2k of it was definitely sloping downhill! The warm down walk made up for that as there is one pig of a hill to get up. Short but very steep!

Question: Do I try it the other way round and do 2k of uphill?? Or do I run the risk of having to run up that hill right at the very end of a run (if, of course, I get that far when running!)

For what it's worth I did the 4.98k in 35 mins, pace 7.01 :) I was really pleased with that but personally I think the downhill bit makes it a bit of a cheat lol ;)


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11 Replies

  • Fab - I'd count it downhill or not! Be interesting to reverse your route and see if its much slower :D

  • I suspect it would be much, much slower tehe! :D Might give it a go next run. But I think I might stick to the downhill for the 25 min run as I would really really hate to fail on that one as I suspect uphill might be a bit challenging!

  • I agree - I do a loopy route to avoid hills!

  • I wish I could! I think I've probably managed to find the most gentle ones we've got lol :D

  • I live in Norfolk so generally very flat :D

  • Bristol's a bit hilly, which is why I run alongside the canal! And so do lots of others. I'll wait until I've got at least one 5k under my belt before I start tackling hills!

  • I've lived in both Bath and Bristol so I know what you mean! The canal's a lovely place to run though :) I must like hilly places though as they're hard to avoid in Wales :D I run from home so there's going to be an uphill bit at some point but they're not too drastic here. I'm hoping my husband will soon feel well enough to cycle while I run as we have a lovely flat location in mind :)

  • Great, I also hope he'll be well enough to cycle with you soon!

    It's so nice to make friends on here who all have the same interests. Keep going, Hilbean, you'll graduate soon.

  • Thanks :)

    It's a great community isn't it :) And with any luck I should graduate before the New Year.

  • I hope you do! And you really must shout from a Welsh mountaintop when you do! But pick a lower one, think of the climb!

  • Haha :D

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