Let there be light!

Let there be light!

I hada very slow run this morning with Rico. Covered 4.91k in 41 mins. It was pitch black when I started and I used a headtorch that was pretty good. Trouble is it is quite difficult to distinguish the path from the forest in LED light. My trusty retriever turned path finder a couple of times. I also found it tricky seeing fallen branches among leaves. Rico had his nature and apple stops followed by a deer diversion but I loved it. So that's all my excuses out of the way.

When I got back I fed Rico and then decided i hadn't run far or fast enough so hit the treadmill for 3 10 minute runs with 1 min rest with Sami from B210K for 5.39k in 35 :27 mins including a 5 min warm down so now I feel brilliant.

Loving the consistency of the treadmill and that I've done more than 10k before breakfast. Best of all no injuries from the woods. Got to love this running thing.

Question though - My previous run was really wet and my shoes got soaked so did my socks. Do people just put up with this or is there a waterproof trail shoe available? The other terrain of the paths is chalk and flint and my shoes have been pierced by flints (not comfortable). Maybe I need to go to a running shop? Advice gratefully received.

Happy friday runs!


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12 Replies

  • I have a salomon XT Hornet GTX as trail shoe and love them. Never had wet feet, even when running through wet gras and poodles (unless they were deeper than the shoe). And they are great on mountain trails too, so no problems with flints etc. But I am not sure if you get them in GB.

    good running Dille

  • Love it :-) xxx

  • Thanks dille will take a look for them

  • Running through poodles? ;) Excellent! :D

  • Yeah you can get Salomon's over here. I love my trail shoes. The water just runs through and out of them, that's the plan. You can get Goretex ones which are said to be waterproof but some folks don't like them as they hold the water in

    My trail shoes seem to let water out and my feet never feel wet, even in socks. That said, I've not run with my feet submerged for any length of time, eg wading through flood water for a long spell or bog running. In that situation though you'd expect to get wet!

    Running in puddles and flooded bits for short spells is more usual and my shoes have been ok for for that.

    I've not had anything puncture my soles yet. On my trail the hazard is stones, and at the moment, wet leaves. I slipped in my road shoes t'other day on flippin pine needles. Like banana skins they were !

  • Yes the leaves are getting slippy here especially where they lie on smooth chalk. I found a little arrow head that had pierced my shoe and explains why I was getting a sharp pain every now and again. Will keep going with mine as they also seem to let the water out and it wasn't too uncomfortable just a bit weird ;-)

  • Sounds you had a good solid workout there GF, glad Rico enjoyed it too , and he got to munch on a couple of Cox's Pippins.

    Healthy food on the hoof, cant beat it :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP yes really nice to be able to get a good blast before the weekend

  • Not one but two runs before breakfast! Cor blimey GF you must have eaten extra porridge this morning! You ran further than Rico!

  • Indeed he's very useful in the dark with his flashing LED collar but a bit slower than me. Must admit he looks a lot leaner these days. No porridge today just poached egg on toast ;-)

  • Who had the poached egg on toast , was it you or Rico :-D

    When I was little we had a little pup and in the winter every morning my mam would give him a small bowl of porridge and a little bowl of tea . Ha ha he was better fed than some of the kids in our street :-) xxx

  • SOunds great but no the egg was mine and kibble for Rico

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