Wet start to Parkrun no 10! Thunder and lightening , new venue , new injury! :(

Wet start to Parkrun no 10! Thunder and lightening , new venue , new injury! :(

Well our parkrun has now moved to Appley in Ryde for a few weeks while IOW festival is on and various other events!OH and i weren't sure where to park, so went for a road 5 mins away and thought we would benefit from the warm up walk! On the way over i tempted fate by saying the forecast was wrong- no rain here! OOPS! half way through our walk we were drenched, with thunder and lightening looking dramatic over the seafront, and sadly we were actually early for a change, so we kind of sheltered under some trees with a few other mad people. Typically, there is a free car park at the venue, we should have researched better i feel! But in its own way it was quite comical! :)

Suddenly a lot of people arrived, we actually had 105 attendees! we must be made of hardy stuff on the IOW! My friend Tracy arrived, she had done the new route a few times previously, and described several hills which didn't sound like fun! Anyway luckily the rain did mostly stop, and all in all it was a good run, nice to try a new route and run along the seafront by Appley tower and through the park. Passed a lovely coffee shop which smelt very inviting, but on we ploughed! Tracy was getting annoyed with her husband and son who were taking it easy today( they are usually in the top 20 around 20 mins ish but were tagging with us today as he has a HM tomorrow on the IOW , and her son has an athletics meeting on same day) They WERE being encouraging but Tracy DIDN'T like having a personal trainer so told them to SHUT UP and go ahead!!! the last 2 k involved a steep little hill and i was puffing well towards the end. My finish time was 34 mins dead, PB is 31.16 but on a much flatter course so not so bad :) OH 23 mins again, hes just showing off now!! Felt my right knee give out a little 3 times or so in the last K , managed a little speed up at the end, but just thought it was a twinge, never has knee trouble running before so i'm a bit worried that its really stiffened up and hurts now and i'm a bit hobbly! :( Any tips for sore knees? its on the inside of leg on the side of kneecap, maybe a pulled muscle? Sending OH down Morrisons for some frozen peas! Reckon i'm allergic to hills, had a nasty one on Tuesday night running club too! :(

Just had a text from my brother, he did Greenwich parkrun for the first time in ages with his daughter and dog, and did it in 26.5 mins, i have some catching up to do!!

Oh well, see what tomorrow brings!



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7 Replies

  • Well done on the Parkrun, sounds fab, despite running with annoyingly athletic family members. ;) I've had tons on knee trouble and it's just R.I.C.E, R.I.C.E and more R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. If you can do intensive RICE-ing all day tomorrow it might pay dividends. I had one Sunday when I literally spent the whole day with my feet up and either an ice pack to Tubigrip on my knees. When the ice packs melted I put them back in the freezer and put the Tubigrip on until the ice pack refroze and just kept repeating all day. Next morning, little or no knee pain :) Good luck, hope it works for you.

  • thanks Ancientmum! at work tomorrow but on desk duty so not so bad.... it is feeling a little better now, still painful but not quite as stiff... hopefully its just a little blip, will try the R.I.C.E. in a min for rest of the evening at least... good excuse to get waited on tho, he has been out to get tea and the supermarket! :)

  • Good for you getting out there in that weather. The editor on here is looking for someone like you to write about. If you are interested he can found on the questions part of the forum. Well done again x

  • thanks carole i will take a look! quite enjoyed the rain really, came out lovely and sunny later on so went to beach with dog, bit hobbly but knee was only hurting more later in the day! enjoyed frothy coffee and cake at the beach cafe :)

  • Hi Ali, lovely post, sounds like a good run for you in spite of the weather. Sorry you have a bit of knee trouble, take things easy and do the R.I.C.E. Those hills are a menace, I would love all my runs without them! Just back from my first 10k race!!!!! How did that happen? Garmin stopped part way round so not sure of time but it was fantastic! So hot though, and hills!! I will be posting later- just off for a cool down and some food! x

  • thats fantastic! well done you! :) Knee is already lots better today, but have a day on my feet tomorrow so we'll see how it goes then! 10k!-thats my long term aim, was it hard? thinking of trying one in Bournemouth in October near my birthday........... :)

  • Hi Ali- hope your knee has been ok today. Oh go for the 10k Ali, it is great. It was hard but enjoyable and very satisfying to have done it. I had previously done the distance twice by just gradually building up and slowing right down! I think the heat made it tougher- that's my excuse anyway! Have posted about it now and a medal picture too! :-) x

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